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Modernize your database with the expanded AlloyDB partner ecosystem

If you’re looking to free yourself from legacy databases and their overpriced, restrictive licensing, you’ve probably looked at cloud-based alternatives. Google Cloud’s database portfolio includes AlloyDB for PostgreSQL as a key modernization option. AlloyDB is a fully-managed, PostgreSQL-compatible database service for the most demanding enterprise database workloads, combining the best of Google with one of the most popular open-source database engines, PostgreSQL, for superior performance, scale, and availability.

No database is an island, of course. Modern applications require databases to work together with a fleet of services and solutions to deliver business outcomes. Oftentimes, when building or modernizing a complex application, finding the right services and solutions, and testing whether they work well with the database can be time consuming and expensive. How can you ensure that your entire application ecosystem provides you with openness and flexibility? 

Along with the general availability of AlloyDB, which was announced today, we’re excited to announce an expanded ecosystem of more than 50 technology solutions and service partners to support our customers’ deployments.

AlloyDB integrates with leading technology solutions to simplify building and modernizing your applications on AlloyDB. Today, 33 partner solutions across 30 technology vendors are ready to support your needs in business intelligence, advanced analytics, data integration, governance, observability, and migration assessment. Google Cloud has closely collaborated with these partners to ensure the best experience and support when you use their solutions with AlloyDB.

The AlloyDB partner ecosystem covers multiple product and solution categories.

Confluent expanded their managed Kafka Connect offering with a dedicated sink connector to stream data into AlloyDB from various upstream sources. The connector is now available for use.

“There is unprecedented growth in the volumes of data being generated, and it’s essential for businesses to be able to contextualize and harness the value of their data in real time”, said Paul Mac Farland, Vice President Customer Solutions and Innovation Design, Confluent. “Today’s organizations need scalable, cloud-native databases like AlloyDB for improved agility, elasticity, and cost-efficiency. We’re excited to help our customers build and deliver real time applications with the joint power of Confluent and AlloyDB.” 

Collibra, a leader in data intelligence and governance, released an AlloyDB driver in their marketplace which can be used in the Collibra Catalog by AlloyDB customers. Leveraging this driver, Collibra Catalog will be able to register AlloyDB database information and extract the structure of the source into its schemas, tables and columns.

“Collibra is proud to support AlloyDB. AlloyDB compatibility with PostgreSQL has made it easy for tools like Collibra to support integration from an enterprise data governance and cataloging perspective”, said  Koen Van Duyse, Vice President Partner Success – Cloud Partners at Collibra. “Customers will benefit both from the performance increases that AlloyDB has to offer while ensuring the solution aligns well with our Enterprise Data Intelligence best practices.”

Many organizations partner with systems integrators and consultants to build new applications and to migrate and modernize existing ones. We’ve cultivated an ecosystem of 21 regional and global service partners, who have tested AlloyDB extensively and developed the necessary expertise to help you with implementations. They can migrate your PostgreSQL databases from on premises or other clouds, and can also execute heterogeneous migrations from legacy databases, including all necessary schema and code conversion.

Global and regional system integrators can help migrate and modernize to AlloyDB.

Our ecosystem of  global system integrators provide consultation, development, deployment, maintenance and support services for global organizations. For example, Infosys is a global leader in next-generation digital services and consulting that enables customers in more than 50 countries to accelerate cloud-led transformation with Infosys Cobalt, a powerful set of services, solutions and platforms. 

“Our clients are increasingly moving their databases to managed services in the cloud, and rely on our deep expertise to modernize their IT landscape with zero disruption. AlloyDB provides a powerful new option for modernizing legacy databases with its full PostgreSQL compatibility, high performance and high availability. Combined with our Infosys Cobalt Modernization Suite, AlloyDB will help our clients accelerate their database modernization journey,” said Gautam Khanna, Vice President and Global Head, Modernization Practice, Infosys.

Regional partners such as Pythian provide more choice and deeper expertise to Google Cloud customers. Pythian has been dedicated to designing, implementing, and supporting data solutions for 25 years. Organizations across industries choose and value Pythian to reduce the risk and cost of operating data platforms and accelerate their time and value to insights.

“AlloyDB brings impressive new capabilities to PostgreSQL, particularly in availability and performance,” said Paul Lewis, Chief Technology Officer at Pythian. “We’ve seen firsthand how AlloyDB’s Columnar Engine delivered outstanding results – at least 26x faster in one of our benchmarks, with potentially much more. It really transforms PostgreSQL into a hybrid transactional/analytical processing (HTAP) database engine. We’re excited about bringing AlloyDB to our customers to run their most demanding workloads.”

Get started with AlloyDB

A modern database strategy plays a critical role in developing great applications and delivering new experiences faster. With a vibrant partner ecosystem supporting AlloyDB, you can confidently define your application strategy and ecosystem solutions with a wide selection of compatible, well-supported 3rd-party products and services.

To learn more about the technology innovations behind AlloyDB, check out the deep dive into its intelligent storage system. Also visit to get started and create your first cluster. To see the list of partners who work closely with us, visit the partner section on AlloyDB’s product site.

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