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Meta or micro cloud architecture? You need both

As the person heading “the cloud project,” you spent the past few years, during the pandemic and before, working to migrate most of the traditional on-premises applications to the public cloud. To date, you’ve moved 15% of the applications and data.

This is an impressive feat by any measure. However, the board of directors’ focus is no longer on what’s been accomplished. Now they’ve called you to a meeting to review some of the decisions you made along the way. Because a single cloud provider ended up being the “preferred cloud,” the board wants to know why that provider’s solution was “always the right answer.”

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Here’s a simple fact: One provider rarely has the best or optimal solution because you can’t leverage best-of-breed features from the other cloud providers’ native systems. Perhaps one has a better artificial intelligence platform, another is better at devops, and a third supports a compliance system that could have saved the company more than $500K last year in fines from failing an audit.

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