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Media supply chains – why now is the best time to migrate

The broadcasting industry has gone through many evolutions since its inception. From linear over-the-air (OTA) to digital & personalized, to standard to ultra high definition, these evolutions were driven by increased demand from viewers who want more choices. The next evolution is happening now, driven by the emergence in cloud computing in a globally connected world. Broadcasters are understanding that the key for long-term success is embracing technical agility while they innovate their business models. Google Cloud technologies can provide a path for continual transformation, empowering broadcasters a multitude of ways to chart their own growth.

As broadcasters evolve their business models and operations for a digital future, evaluating both financial alongside operational benefits will lead to the best outcome. Legacy and siloed media supply chains restrict the ability to deliver content quickly across multiple consumption platforms. By understanding how cloud capabilities can provide cost savings, allow for more efficiency and scale, and open new revenue streams, broadcasters can harness flexible cloud technologies while achieving cost savings and increasing revenue. 

Media workflows in the cloud

Over the last few years we have seen tremendous growth from media companies migrating their supply chains to the cloud. Today, there exists a whole ecosystem of media technologies that are built to take advantage of the cloud. “Does it work on the cloud?” is no longer driving the conversation. Rather, media companies now want to understand how Cloud can integrate with their business and drive better business outcomes. 

Over the last years we have partnered with leading media companies including Grupo Globo, TelevisaUnivision and others to not only migrate their content supply chain to the cloud, but also leverage cloud capabilities to innovate their services to:

Increase and streamline content production

Distribute personalized content at planet scale

Forge deep relationships with their audiences 

Identify new monetization opportunities 

Impact of Cloud on Performance & Financials

M&E companies need to be able to provide more content at a quicker pace, with experiences that are seamless and exciting to viewers to retain their attention and dollars. Moving legacy systems and processes to the cloud is an organization-wide commitment, and the journey can pay off financially, while providing M&E companies valuable industry capabilities. With Google Cloud business value engagement framework, we partner to identify where there are opportunities in cost, output, and impact that IT can have. 

Below are some examples of how we have worked with our customers to map organization optimizations  to business drivers

Working Together – How can Google help

Our focus with customers is to help identify and understand the challenges that Media & Entertainment companies have in moving to the cloud, and coming up with the plan and solutions that Google can do to overcome them. Together we commit to understanding your business, both where you are right now in your IT capabilities as well as the progress you want to make to continue providing the best digital capabilities to clients and employees.

As broadcasters move more processes and solutions to the cloud, the exponential effect of harnessing data and AI power will provide incremental business value across all lines of business. Combined, these impacts to a broadcaster allow both operational excellence while optimizing costs as they continue to expand offerings to customers and regions around the world. 

We recognize that every media company’s journey is different and so are expected business outcomes. Google Cloud works closely with customers – partnering every step of the way – to align technology, the media industry, and business outcomes. 

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