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Mastodon timelines for teams

Welcome to episode 17 of the Steampipe+Mastodon series, in which we introduce a new subplot: timeline history. So far, the examples I’ve shown and discussed work with current timelines. We’ve seen SQL queries that fetch results from real-time calls to the Mastodon API, and Steampipe dashboards that display those results. But Steampipe isn’t just an API siphon, it’s also a Postgres database. As such it supports the transient tables created by Steampipe’s foreign data wrapper and plugins, but also enables you to create your own native tables as well. And you can use those native tables to accumulate data from the transient foreign tables.

Because saving and searching Mastodon data is a controversial topic in the fediverse—none of us wants to recapitulate Big Social—I’ve focused thus far on queries that explore recent Mastodon flow, of which there are plenty more to write. But nobody should mind me remembering my own home timeline, so a few weeks ago I made a tool to read it hourly and add new toots to a Postgres table.

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