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Manage IAM permissions with the Google Cloud mobile app

What’s new with Permissions Management on the Cloud Mobile App

Identity and Access Management (IAM) is the foundation of a strong cloud security posture, ensuring that the right access and permissions for cloud resources are granted across your organization. The Google Cloud mobile app gives cloud administrators the ability to quickly and easily manage their organization’s cloud identities and access from the mobile platform of their choice. 

Permissions management is one of the top user-requested features for the Cloud mobile app based on feedback we’ve received. The Permissions tab is used by more than half of our mobile users every month, highlighting the importance of easily managing permissions on-the-go.

We are excited to announce the availability of enhanced permissions management on the Google Cloud mobile app. This new capability enables you to easily view, assign and search for all the roles in your organization. 

Manage permissions easily on-the-go

The Cloud mobile app has expanded beyond supporting the three basic roles of Owner, Editor, and Reader, to supporting all the roles in your organization. Administrators are not only able to see all the roles but also assign these roles across their organization:

Assigning roles in the Google Cloud mobile app

Administrators can also easily view a list of users, and click into each to see all the roles assigned to each user. On top of that, you can easily leverage the search capability to check if a role is assigned and modify its assignment. You can even assign multiple roles at the same time for easy editing. The app will show you a summary of changes before you will proceed.

Reviewing changes in the Google Cloud mobile app before they take effect

The layout is optimized for mobile, with the categories of information organized for easy viewing. Currently assigned roles are always displayed on the top of the screen so they are easily accessible. Basic roles appear below, followed by all other roles grouped by Google Cloud products.

Get started on the Google Cloud app today

To summarize we’ve enhanced permissions management on the Google Cloud mobile app with:

Smoother navigation

Support for all the roles in your organization

Easy search for assigned roles

Ability to review changes before applying

Give enhanced permission management a try and explore the possibilities by downloading the app today from Google Play or the Apple App Store. If you have any feedback, we would love to hear from you –  simply click on the “send feedback” button in the app to share your experience.

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