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Machine learning, Google Kubernetes Engine, and more: 10 free training offers to take advantage of before 2022

We’re continuing to offer learning opportunities at no charge to help you grow your Google Cloud skills. Here are ten training offers you can take advantage of before the end of this year to keep building your knowledge of machine learning, Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE), and more. 

Register here by January 10, 2022 to receive 30 days no cost access to Google Cloud Skills Boost*. As the definitive destination for skills development, Google Cloud Skills Boost has 700 hands-on labs, role-based courses, skill badges, and certification resources. You’ll also be able to personalize learning paths, track progress, and validate your newly-earned expertise. 

For additional learning opportunities, check out our on-demand trainings below. 

Getting started with Google Cloud

To learn about Google Cloud fundamentals,sign up for our introductory Cloud OnBoard. This comprehensive half-day training will take you through the ins and outs of some of Google Cloud’s most impactful tools, how to maximize your VM instances, and the best ways to approach your container strategy.

If you’ve just decided to add Google Cloud to your existing cloud skills from other providers like AWS or Azure, start your Google Cloud journey with this training. The training will show you to adapt your knowledge from other cloud providers and have a seamless transition. 

Machine learning and data analytics 

Discover how to use Vertex AI, Google Cloud’s new unified machine learning (ML) platform through two training opportunities.

Sign up for the “Data Science on Google Cloud” training to learn how to analyze datasets, experiment with different modeling techniques, deploy trained models into production, and manage ML operations through the model lifecycle.

Register here for an end-to-end demo on how to train and serve a custom TensorFlow model on Vertex AI. 

To find out how to use BigQuery data warehouse and Looker for data analytics, sign up here. You’ll be taught how to model, analyze, and visualize your data in less than 30 minutes. 

Kubernetes and serverless  

New to Kubernetes or need a refresher?Take our “Getting Started with Kubernetes” training. You’ll have an opportunity to hear from Google Cloud experts like Kelsey Hightower, Bobby Allen, Kaslin Fields, and Maria Cruz as well access hands-on tutorials. 

Get hands-on experience with GKE by registering here. You’ll be taught how to manage workloads and clusters at scale so that you can optimize time and cost in this training. 

Register here to learn through demos and talks from Google Cloud executives and experts, how to use Autopilot, GKE’s new mode of operation, and see what’s in store for GKE in the future. 

Sign up for the “Power of Serverless” training to find how to run fast, error-free apps with Serverless App Acceleration. You’ll discover how to run internal apps, do real-time enterprise app data processing, and more on serverless. 

*To unlock your free 30 day access to Google Cloud Skills Boost, you have to first complete a lab. If you’re new to Google Cloud Skills Boost, you will need to create an account and then complete a lab to obtain your free access.

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