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Live from COP26: A cloud’s eye view

At Google, we’re keenly invested in preventing the worst effects of climate change, and helping our customers use Google Cloud technology to build a more sustainable future. We’re watching with interest the goings on at the 2021 United Nations Climate Change Conference, or COP26, when representatives from countries and organizations around the world – including Google Cloud – will gather for the first two weeks in November in Glasgow, Scotland for the latest round of climate talks. Bookmark this blog as Google sustainability experts bring their perspective on developments discussed there as they pertain to cloud computing. Catch the event for yourself on Youtube and Google Arts & Culture.

At COP26 we’ll be watching the world turn ambition into action

Monday, November 1, 2021 

It’s Day 1 of COP26, where for the next two weeks, the work of nations, companies, agencies and individuals fighting climate change across the globe will be on full display. 

At Google, we believe that technology is a powerful tool in that fight, and consider the environment with every product we build and every data center we stand up. We’re also partnering with governments to decarbonize their economies, improving climate preparedness and increasing climate resilience

And at Google Cloud, we’ve been working with our customers to apply cloud technologies to the critical climate change challenges they need to meet for their business goals. In these engagements we’re focused on turning the overwhelming ambition we hear from everyone we talk to — app developers to city planners to CEOs — into real action. Which is why I’m looking forward to the next two weeks and I’m super interested in learning how other companies are tackling climate change in their industries. 

For example, one of the things we’ll be on the lookout for is new ideas for using technology to help visualize and quantify climate challenges — things like this AI-generated installation, with artwork that explores climate issues like coral bleaching. Visual representations are already helping our customers make more sustainable decisions such as how to source materials more responsibly. I hope we can learn more from the creative COP26 community on how to use visuals to influence sustainability decisions. 

Each day of COP26 has a theme — from finance to energy to cities — which is sure to bring new commitments from the leading, sustainable companies in each industry. Whether its pricing climate risk into financial assets, last-mile efficiency in logistics or infrastructure decarbonization, individual industries all face unique sustainability challenges, have unique goals, and require unique technology solutions to achieve them. For our part, Google shared a new net-zero commitment across our value chain heading into COP, and I’m looking forward to seeing all the new targets being set and progress that companies are making. 

We’ll also be listening to the experts on howwe can avert the worst consequences of climate change. The challenge is immense but change can start with small decisions all of us make. Keep us bookmarked and check back with us often to hear perspectives from onsite in Glasgow and from climate and industry experts across our teams who are working on making the sustainable choice the easy one.—Chris Talbott

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