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Leading with Google Cloud to modernize infrastructure in healthcare

It’s simply amazing to witness how some of our systems integrators employ Google Cloud solutions to drive innovation in ways we at Google may never have considered—especially in healthcare.  According to analyst firm MarketsandMarkets, the market for the Cloud in healthcare is projected to grow 43% between 2020 and 2025 to nearly $65 billion, fueled by the need for better technology infrastructures and faster digital transformation.  

Healthcare and life sciences communities are looking to Google Cloud and its Service engagement model partners to improve collaboration and activate the power of medical data.  These transformations deliver robust data analytics and bring a much deeper perspective into health epidemics like COVID-19 to help save lives.

In the healthcare and life sciences industry, our Google Cloud partners and customers provide constant energy and inspiration–and are the magic in some key healthcare innovations globally.  

Let me show you how they are solving real-world business challenges.

Improving collaboration in Healthcare

Cloudbakers and Comanche County Memorial Hospital transitioned 2,000 employees to Google Workspace to improve collaboration, reduce costs, and increase security. By implementing a system that requires less maintenance while enabling mobile access to data and true collaboration, Comanche County Memorial Hospital saves $175,000 annually on licenses and helps medical professionals spend more time with patients.

“We chose Google Workspace because it cost a quarter of what we were paying previously, offers the kind of modern features that healthcare facilities need, and gave us data security and peace of mind.” —James Wellman, CIO, Comanche County Memorial Hospital

Accessing previously locked down medical data

Google Cloud and Quantiphi supported advances in cloud-based machine learning services to reduce infrastructure costs, unlock new paths of treatment, and dramatically reduce the amount of time it takes to evaluate scanned imagery following a stroke.  John Hopkins University BIOS Division has been working on medical imaging to accelerate insights from scans on approximately 500 patients from 2,500 hours to 90 minutes, and lead to more accurate decision-making for brain injury patients that will ultimately improve medical outcomes.  

“We’ve aligned closely with the goal of showing that a cloud-based, AI-driven approach is robust and that it can be performed while protecting personal PHI. In terms of costs, the cloud has definitely reduced some of the traditional financial demands of our research.” —Daniel F. Hanley, Jr., M.D., Director, Johns Hopkins University BIOS Division

Improving data access with the flexibility of Google Cloud

With the help of MediaAgility, TRIARQ migrated to Google Cloud to modernize their platform, build new applications, and expand their global footprint.  With BigQuery, TRIARQ can now consolidate all transactional data, past and present, into a single location to report on specific insights and predict future data from e-prescriptions to complex revenue-cycle data and value-base analysis.

“The future of this industry will need to be a global one, and we can no longer be stuck in legacy systems if we want to survive. Having a team that is passionate about supporting us in this journey is definitely a plus point.”—Yaw Kwakye, Co-founder and Chief Architect, TRIARQ

Increasing visibility to COVID-19 outbreaks for actionable insights

As part of its response to the COVID-19 pandemic, HCA Healthcare chose to work with Google Cloud and SADA to create a national portal that increases visibility into outbreaks in 3,100 counties across the country in just 8 weeks.  Now, the portal generates 30,000 new analytical views each day that can help inform private and public sector decision making for reopenings, closures, hot spots, and many other population health management activities. 

“This project required deep knowledge of AI, and consumer-facing platforms, as well as healthcare. Google brought together the ideal combination of product, people, and partners. Google Cloud’s healthcare-specific products along with SADA’s expertise in the healthcare IT space made this partnership the perfect choice to move quickly and intelligently.”—Dr. Edmund Jackson, Chief Data Officer, HCA Healthcare

We’re committed to building the technology, resources, and services through Partner Advantage to help our partners address this opportunity.  Looking for a solution focused partner in your region who has achieved Expertise and/or Specialization in your industry?  Search our Global Partner Directory.  Not yet a Google Cloud partner? Visit Partner Advantage and learn how to become one today!

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