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Join us for a show-and-tell edition of Google Cloud Security Talks

If you’re new to Security Talks, you should know that this program is part of an ongoing series where we bring together experts from the Google Cloud security team, including the Google Cybersecurity Action Team and Office of the CISO, and the greater industry to share information on our latest security products, innovations, and best practices. 

The Q3 installment of the Google Cloud Security Talks on Aug. 31 is a special show-and-tell edition. We’re not just going to share what you need to know about our portfolio of products, we’re also going to be showing you how to use them as well. The format for this round of Security Talks will be focused on practitioners and emphasize how to apply Google Cloud products in popular use cases. This time, Security Talks sessions will spotlight key use cases and include how-to demonstrations. You’ll be able to glean best practices and see how you can apply these exact same scenarios to your own environment. 

Our agenda is packed with insightful sessions across Zero Trust, security operations, secure cloud, and more, including:

How to leverage SOAR to grow your automated response playbook library’s value – but not the complexity

The ins and outs of protecting critical apps from fraud and bots

How to create and manage compliant environments in Google Cloud

How to get started with network-based threat detection in Google Cloud

Guidance on where to begin your Zero Trust journey

Tips for succeeding with your cloud data security strategy

Google Cloud’s latest security innovations and product updates

And don’t miss the live Cloud Security Podcast roundtable featuring Mandiant Senior Director Robert Wallace, Cybereason Security Strategy Director Ken Westin, and our own Office of the CISO Director of Financial Services Alicja Cade in conversation with host Anton Chuvakin. Our esteemed panel will dig into the latest security trends and how to apply what we’ve learned from them to your own environment.  

We’re looking forward to seeing you there. Sign up today to reserve your virtual seat. The Google Cloud Security Talks is 100% digital and free to attend. All sessions will be available on demand after the event. Until then, stay secure.

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