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It’s time to get more aggressive with Kubernetes

It’s no secret that the use of Kubernetes has been exploding for some time. VMware’s “State of Kubernetes 2020 Report” surveyed 247 individuals actively using Kubernetes. Most have large development teams, with 24% having more than 2,500 developers.

The report indicates that development teams are still the primary decision-makers, at 38% for the use of Kubernetes technologies. Also, 57% are running fewer than 10 Kubernetes clusters, and 59% of respondents are running Kubernetes in production. Finally, only 20% have more than 50 Kubernetes clusters.

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What you can glean from this report is it’s still early days for Kubernetes. Although Kubernetes is in wide use, the projects have leveraged it in measured ways. Moreover, a great many Kubernetes deployments are not in the cloud, with the report showing on-premises Kubernetes deployments at 60% and cloud deployments at 42%. This surprised me.

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