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It’s Summer… And Even Data Engineers Need a Break

When the full lifecycle of data integration matters as much as the initial implementation, and you are the data engineer responsible for end-to-end data delivery…how do you take a vacation? Set yourself up with easy to build data pipelines.

In the Year of the Data Engineer blog series, we’ve talked about how the best data engineers do more than build pipelines. They anticipate business needs, track the rise of new technologies, and maintain a complex and evolving data infrastructure. With all of that on your plate, you have to take time to recharge!

After last year’s limitations, it seems like everyone has a vacation on the books for summer 2021. But if you are the one everyone relies on for the continuous flow of data that drives your business, you need confidence that everything will work just fine without you. 

Don’t worry. We’ve got your back. 

StreamSets Summer ‘21 is just in time to help you 10x your data team’s productivity by making data pipelines easy enough for anyone to build. Even better, by automating as much as possible and operationalizing your data management, the maintenance won’t pile up while you’re away. 

3 Ways to Make Building Data Pipelines Easier

We’ve been working hard all year on this release of the StreamSets DataOps Platform to make data engineering teams wildly successful. So go ahead and set up your data pipelines with StreamSets Summer ‘21 to put these data engineering tricks into practice.  

1: Templatize Your Data Pipelines

How does a sole data engineer support 10s of ETL developers and 100s of data analysts? By making it easier and easier to build and deploy data pipelines. 

But a drag-and-drop UI is only as good as the design patterns, sources and destinations that it supports. That’s why you need one platform for all your data pipeline needs, and an easy way to template and share pipelines.

Summer ‘21 Beta gives your team a single platform and log in to design and deploy batch, streaming, CDC, ELT, ETL, and even machine learning data pipelines. Less ramp-up time and no switching between tools give you more time to pack for that vacation and more people who can support the team while you’re away.

But what happens when you’re out of sight and data pipelines are out of mind? By creating reusable fragments and templates with smart data pipelines, your team can quickly go from a few pipelines to many. 

“StreamSets has led to an explosion of user adoption, excitement around data that we’ve never seen before, and real business results.”

Darren Delsol, Client Lead, BT Group

2: Operationalize Your Data Management

You’re probably thinking, but if I give data scientists and analysts all this freedom to create their own data pipelines, how will I ever keep track of my data architecture? 

When your data team switches between tools and across data platforms, you lose visibility. You have to choose between different views for different data pipelines or building your own dashboard, making sure that everything gets properly instrumented and connected. 

That’s where StreamSets Summer ‘21 can help. Fully instrumented data pipelines provide visibility from building to testing data pipelines all the way through operation and monitoring. A single pane of glass for the full data life cycle across hybrid and multi-cloud data platforms tells you everything you need to know. 

When you come back from vacation, simply log in to see what happened while you were away. 

“With StreamSets Summer ‘21, we can onboard users in minutes and provide our customers with greater visibility and manageability as they scale.”

Keith Gaputis, Axis Group

3: Automate Data Drift Handling

How are you going to handle unplanned and unexpected changes when you’re sitting on a beach with your family or camping on a mountain top with friends? It won’t be a problem if you build smart data pipelines that are resilient to change. 

Today’s business logic resides in the connections between data sources, data storage, analytics, and applications rather than in any one of those systems. Whether your focus is data integration or data ingestion, your data pipelines have to adapt to new sources that may be out of your control, on any cloud platform or on-premises, and in a constant state of change. That’s data drift, and the ability to tame it is what makes StreamSets different from other data integration tools.

Before you head out the door, set some rules and monitoring to automate data drift handling. Not only will you avoid those urgent phone calls that take you away from a much needed break, but you’ll also have less to do when you return!  

“StreamSets allows me to provide stable, sustainable data operations on top of both a self-service and professional platform and to operate this at scale.”

Dan Jeavons, General Manager of Data Science, Shell

Summertime…And the Pipelines Are Easy

It’s been a long year and we want to help you take that break you’ve earned. That’s why our team has been working nonstop to release StreamSets Summer ‘21. Even though it’s still in Beta, you can be up and running faster than ever, and build smart data pipelines to power DataOps across hybrid and multi-cloud architectures. 

What are you waiting for? Get Beta access today!

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