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Introducing “Visualizing Google Cloud: 101 Illustrated References for Cloud Engineers and Architects”

Many people are visual learners; I am definitely one of them, and judging by the tremendous response you all showed to Google Cloud Sketchnotes on LinkedIn and Twitter, you are too. 

A picture is worth a thousand words

Shortly after I started creating and sharing visual explanations of Google Cloud concepts in late 2020, I began receiving overwhelmingly positive feedback from fellow cloud architects and enthusiasts. That feedback led me to think about pulling these sketches together into a reference guide — a one-stop shop for cloud learning fun. So here it is!

🥁 Introducing “Visualizing Google Cloud: 101 Illustrated References for Cloud Engineers and Architects

🤔 What is this book about?

This book is my way of  making Google Cloud technical concepts fun and interesting via visual storytelling. It covers Google Cloud essentials from end to end, with a visual explanation of each concept, how it works, and how you can apply it with other concepts to meet the needs of your real-world use case. After reading thousands of pages of Google Cloud documentation and experimenting with virtually every Google Cloud product, I distilled that experience down to this book of accessible, bite-sized visuals. 

The sketches are spread across five broad categories:

Infrastructure, storage, and databases: Run and scale applications seamlessly

Data analytics and machine learning: Derive actionable insights from data 

Networking: Connect, scale, secure, modernize, and optimize your infrastructure

Application development and modernization: Build apps using containers and microservices

Security: Protect data, users, and applications in cloud

🙋‍♀️ Who is this book for? 

It is for all cloud enthusiasts. It is for anyone who is planning a cloud migration or new cloud deployment, preparing for cloud certification, or looking to make the most of Google Cloud. If you are a cloud solutions architect, an IT decision-maker, or a data and machine learning engineer, you will find this book a good starting point. In short, this book is for YOU!

When you get the book you’ll not only help yourself, you’ll also  help provide meals for schoolchildren who need them. All the books’ proceeds go directly to the awesome folks at Wiley and a charity that fights malnutrition and supports the right to education.

🪜 Next Steps

I hope this book helps you on your Google Cloud journey by making it both easier and more fun. Are you ready to dive in? Order here, learn more about how the idea of the book came about here and please share your thoughts with me on Twitter or LinkedIn.

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