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Introducing the new Eventarc UI, Cloud Run for Anthos destinations

December was a busy month for the Eventarc team, who landed a number of features at the end of the year. Let’s take a closer look at some of these new capabilities.

Cloud Storage trigger is GA

Back in September, we announced the public preview of Cloud Storage triggers as the preferred way of routing Cloud Storage events to Cloud Run targets. They are now generally available. For more details, see the documentation on how to create a Cloud Storage trigger and check out my previous blog post on Cloud Storage triggers. 

New: Eventarc UI

You might have noticed a new icon in Google Cloud Platform Console recently!

This is the new Eventarc UI that is in public preview for all users. There is now a central place in Google Cloud Console to view, edit, and delete Eventarc triggers. 

The Eventarc UI provides an easy way to view all existing triggers: 

This overview is super useful for seeing what kind of events are being listened to, from which sources, and to which destinations they are being routed. Once you click on a trigger, you can see its details, edit it, or delete the trigger altogether.

There’s also a section for creating triggers. Once you choose the event provider, you are guided to the right event through the right channel. For example, Cloud Storage supports direct events and also events via Cloud Audit Logs. This page makes it crystal clear which events are available from which channels.

New: Cloud Run for Anthos destinations

Our goal with Eventarc is to connect many event sources to many event destinations. While we had many event sources for a while, up until recently we had only one event destination (Cloud Run). This has changed with the latest release. Eventarc now supports Cloud Run for Anthos services as event destinations. 

Check out the documentation on how to create triggers for Cloud Run for Anthos using gcloud or simply use the new Eventarc UI to target a Cloud Run for Anthos service:

It’s great to see all the recent progress on Eventarc with the new UI and new event targets. Here are some resources for getting started with the new features:

Codelab: Trigger Cloud Run with events from Eventarc 

Codelab: Trigger Cloud Run for Anthos and Kubernetes services with events from Eventarc

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