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Introducing Google Analytics 4 Community

4 years ago, I launched a Google Tag Manager community on Facebook and now it has tens of thousands of members. The community is active and people are helping each other. That’s awesome to see!

But here’s the thing. That group is only for Google Tag Manager questions. Since the number of GA4 questions (where GTM is not necessarily related) is increasing, I decided to start something.

Introducing Google analytics 4 community on Facebook.

If you have questions, or you want to help others (thus learn even more), consider joining.


Why join this community?

#1. It’s free

#2. It’s active, people discuss GA4 topics here every day

#3. Keep learning from others

#4. It’s constantly growing


But why on Facebook?

Some of you might be saying “But it’s on Facebook. Why?!”

I understand that. FB is far from the best. But there is no perfect platform that will make everyone happy.

This is on Facebook because:

Many people are still using it. GTM community has proven that.
Selfish reason – I fairly often check it myself thus can be somewhat more active on it
I did not choose Slack because there’s measureslack for that. Plus, having a free Slack version for this community would mean limited search history.
I did not use a custom platform for a community because, well, it’s a custom platform. Far fewer people will be actively and regularly joining it (based on what I have seen).


Join the community

So if you want to get help (or help others), feel free to join the community here.

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