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Introducing a high-usage tier for Managed Service for Prometheus

Prometheus is considered the de facto standard for Kubernetes application metrics, but running it yourself can strain engineering time and infrastructure resources when your usage grows. In March, we announced the general availability of Google Cloud Managed Service for Prometheus to help you offload that burden, and today, we’re excited to announce a new low-cost, high-usage pricing tier designed for customers who are moving large volumes of Kubernetes metrics over to the service. Furthermore, we’re lowering the price of the current usage tiers.

Whether you are a mature enterprise, a rapidly scaling digital native startup, or somewhere in between, this new pricing structure makes it an easier decision to scale your production Kubernetes metrics with Managed Service for Prometheus. Free up your engineering resources to concentrate on building your next big application, not your metrics infrastructure.

Introducing a high-usage tier and lower prices

Since it launched just two months ago, companies of all shapes and sizes have begun to adopt Managed Service for Prometheus, but we heard that cost at high data volumes was an issue for customers that move their entire Kubernetes metrics operation to our service. That’s why we created a new tier, which is priced 50% lower than the previous highest-usage tier. You get scale and ease of use at a price that works. 

We didn’t forget about customers with lower metric volumes, however. Whether you’re just getting started with Managed Service for Prometheus or you haven’t yet migrated all your Kubernetes metrics to our service, cost is always top of mind. As part of the new pricing, list prices for the lower-usage tiers are now 25% lower than they were originally.

See the table below for comparisons:

Note that samples are counted per billing account. See full pricing details on the Google Cloud’s operations suite pricing page.

Early success at enterprise scale

Maisons du Monde, a French furniture and home decor giant, recently published a story about their experience with Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE) application metrics. They started with open source Prometheus, then added Thanos to deal with Prometheus scaling issues, before finally choosing Managed Service for Prometheus.

Our engineers’ time is very valuable and we would rather spend it developing new features instead of maintaining a state-of-the-art metrics system. Victor Ladouceur
SRE, Maisons du Monde

Why Managed Service for Prometheus

The service is designed to be a drop-in replacement for running your own Prometheus stack, so you can gather, store, and alert on your metrics. Some of the benefits include: 

Two-year retention of all metrics, included in the price

Cost-effective monitoring on a per-sample basis

Easy cost identification and attribution using Cloud Monitoring

No changes needed to existing Prometheus querying or alerting workflows, with managed or self-deployed collection options

Ability to view Prometheus and Google Cloud system metrics together

Get ready to scale your Kubernetes metrics

If you’re ready to learn more about how managed metrics can help you improve your Kubernetes monitoring, or if you’re ready to get hands on, check out the following resources:

Try out our new Managed Service for Prometheus Qwiklab at no charge now through June 15. Walk through 4.5 hours of content covering migration, metrics collection, analysis, and cost saving strategies.

Join us tomorrow (May 17th) for our session, Easy, scalable metrics for Kubernetes with Managed Service for Prometheus, during our Day Zero event for KubeCon EMEA 2022.

Register to attend a webinar on June 1, where we will talk about the service, the price cut, and how easy it is to migrate your metrics collection. 

Start using the service today by visiting the onboarding documentation.

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