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How to share your Workato recipes

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Sharing your Workato recipes is easy. Navigate to your recipe, “Settings”, and “Sharing”.

There are two ways to share your recipes:

1) Privately – This is a good option if you only wanted to share this with a few individuals, like a co-worker or your team. You can just copy the URL and send it to them – this way, only people with access to this private URL have access to the recipe. It is also good practice to share recipes privately when they contain business-sensitive information.

2) Publicly – This is a great way for you to share your work with over 100,000 other Workato community members by listing it on the Workato Community Library. Anyone looking to automate for a similar problem can easily view your recipe, reuse it as is, or even customize it to fit their own specific needs.

For more product-related video content, click this link here. If you would like to read out full blog post on the Workato Workspace, check this page here.

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