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How to identify and solve web-scale problems

Some problems are good to have… but they’re still problems. A company that has web-scale problems is probably growing and innovating—but at a pace so rapid that the current infrastructure can’t keep up. Adding to the challenge is that companies don’t always know that they even have a web-scale problem.

In this article I will discuss the origin and evolution of web-scale problems, how to determine whether you have a web-scale problem, and how container orchestration is the most elegant solution we’ve found to help organizations solve these problems.

Early warnings

We saw one of the first harbingers of web-scale worries in, of all places, the greeting card industry. For almost 100 years, greeting card companies in the United States hummed along, manufacturing and merchandising cards that would get taped to gifts, sent through the mail, and stuck on refrigerators. Then, in the mid-1990s, everything changed. It was the rise of the World Wide Web, and everyone wanted to be part of it. In 1996, Blue MountainAmerican Greetings, and Hallmark all launched dot-com sites to serve e-cards—and a digital battle ensued. 

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