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How to assemble a generative AI dream team

The question of the day is no longer “What’s the best cloud?” It’s now “How do we build a team of people to build a net-new generative AI system?”

Budgets have dropped. The board of directors wants one of these nifty generative AI systems that everyone is talking about to fundamentally change how the business functions. The expectation, fueled by many business articles, is that this new system will redefine the business. They want one badly, and you’re tasked with building and leading a team that can pull it off. So, how the hell do you do that?

Not a new problem

Ten years ago, we faced a similar problem, stemming from the interest in cloud computing and the need to gather a team to get you migrated to this beautiful world of cloud. Those who understood what was good for their career wanted to get certified with specific cloud brands, perhaps took one of my cloud courses, or did what many people did: learned enough online to get through an interview with someone who knew less.

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