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How Meta is advancing GenAI

What’s going on with generative AI (GenAI) at Meta? And what does the future have in store?

In this episode of the Meta Tech Podcast, Meta engineer Pascal Hartig (@passy) speaks with Devi Parikh, an AI research director at Meta. They cover a wide range of topics, including the history and future of GenAI and the most interesting research papers that have come out recently.

And, of course, they discuss some of Meta’s latest GenAI innovations, including:

Audiobox, a foundational model for generating sound and soundscapes using natural language prompts.
Emu, Meta’s first foundational model for image generation.
Purple Llama, a suite of tools to help developers safely and responsibly deploy GenAI models.

Download or listen to the episode below:

You can also find the episode on various podcast platforms:

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The Meta Tech Podcast is a podcast, brought to you by Meta, where we highlight the work Meta’s engineers are doing at every level – from low-level frameworks to end-user features.

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