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How a top gaming company transformed its approach to security with Splunk and Google Cloud

Since Aristocrat’s founding in 1953, technology has constantly transformed gaming and the digital demands on our gaming business are a far cry from challenges we faced when we started. As we continue to expand globally, security and compliance are top priorities. 

Managing IT security for several gaming subsidiaries and our core business became more complex as we entered into new markets and scaled up our number of users. We needed a centralized platform that could give us full visibility into all of our systems and efficient monitoring capabilities to keep data and applications secure. We also needed the ability to secure our systems without compromising user experiences.

We turned to Google Cloud and Splunk to better manage complexity and support highly efficient, secure, and more dynamic gaming experiences for everyone. We are committed to using today’s modern technologies to give players more  optimal experiences.

 Bringing our digital footprint into the cloud

When we set out on our digital transformation, we looked to address many business requirements.

 These requirements included:

Regulation: We wanted a platform that could efficiently address our industry’s stringent and global regulatory compliance requirements. 

Player experience: Our IT environment must support smooth gaming experiences to keep users engaged and satisfied.

Scalability: As we grow and diversify, meeting the changing demands of an increasingly global gaming community, we need an easily scalable platform to align with our current and future needs.

Google Cloud offered us the perfect foundation through solutions such as Compute Engine, Google Kubernetes Engine, BigQuery, and Google Cloud Storage. These acted as the right infrastructure components for us for the following reasons:

Google Cloud is globally accessible and supports compliance, helping to streamline security and regulatory processes for our team. 

With Google Cloud, we can manage our entire development and delivery processes globally with fast and efficient reconciliation of regional compliance requirements. 

When we need to adjust existing infrastructure or deliver new capabilities, Google Cloud accelerates the process and takes the heavy lifting off of our team. 

Google Cloud allows us to support tens of thousands of players on each of our apps while experiencing minimal downtime and low latency. The importance of this support can’t be underestimated in an industry where players have little to no patience if lags in games occur.

We migrated our back-office IT stack alongside our consumer-facing production applications to Google Cloud given our positive experiences with compliance, security, scalability, and process management. This migration has significantly accelerated our digital transformation while streamlining our infrastructure for faster and more cost-effective performance.

In many ways, Google Cloud has been, with maybe a pun intended, a game-changer for us. For instance, when we suddenly had to support a lot of remote work during the COVID-19 pandemic, native identity and access management tools in Google Cloud allowed us to retire costly VPNs used for backend access and quickly adopt a more easily managed, cost-effective zero-trust security posture.

Accessing vital third-party partners and managed services

Aristocrat has many IT needs best addressed in a multi-cloud environment. Google Cloud is particularly attractive given its strong cloud interoperability, as well as the many products and services available on Google Cloud Marketplace. The marketplace accelerated our deployment of key third-party apps including Splunk and Qualys.

Given the personal information we store and the global regulatory compliance statutes we must oblige, security lies at the heart of our business. Splunk is a critical component of our digital transformation because it offers solutions that provide the enhanced monitoring capabilities and visibility we need. The integration between Splunk and Google Cloud gives us confidence that our data is secure. We know our data can be secure in Google Cloud, while simplified billing through Google Cloud Marketplace makes payments and license tracking easier for our procurement team.

As part of our protected environment, we use the Splunk platform as our security information and event management system, leveraging the InfoSec app for Splunk that provides continuous monitoring and advanced threat detection to significantly improve our security.

We can manipulate and present data in Splunk in a way that provides us with a single pane-of-glass for our hybrid, multi-cloud environment and our third-party apps and systems. Splunk observability tools have likewise helped us to track browser-based applications like our online gaming apps to monitor details related to security and performance.

Splunk and Google Cloud have transformed how we operate. We can now quickly ingest and analyze data at scale within our refined approach to security management by offloading software management to Splunk and Google Cloud. This ability enables us to approach security more strategically, and positions us to integrate more AI/ML capabilities into our products for even greater governance and performance.

This is just the beginning of our journey with Splunk and Google Cloud. We’re excited to see the innovation we can continue bringing to the gaming community worldwide.

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