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Grafana: Shining a light into Kubernetes clusters

Back in 2014, when the wave of containers, Kubernetes, and distributed computing was breaking over the technology industry, Torkel Ödegaard was working as a platform engineer at eBay Sweden. Like other devops pioneers, Ödegaard was grappling with the new form factor of microservices and containers and struggling to climb the steep Kubernetes operations and troubleshooting learning curve. 

As an engineer striving to make continuous delivery both safe and easy for developers, Ödegaard needed a way to visualize the production state of the Kubernetes system and the behavior of users. Unfortunately, there was no specific playbook for how to extract, aggregate, and visualize the telemetry data from these systems. Ödegaard’s search eventually led him to a nascent monitoring tool called Graphite, and to another tool called Kibana that simplified the experience of creating visualizations.

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