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Google Public Sector and Carahsoft launch ATO Accelerator for ISV Partners

Google Public Sector and Carahsoft are launching an Authority to Operate (ATO) accelerator to support independent software vendors (ISVs) in their journey to achieve compliance authorizations, such as FedRAMP, DoD Impact Levels, and StateRAMP programs, to serve government agencies.

The global cloud services market for the public sector is projected to grow exponentially – driven by the need for IT modernization, cost savings, and enhanced efficiency. Government agencies are increasingly recognizing the transformative potential of cloud technologies in their operations and service delivery, thus opening up vast opportunities for ISVs in this domain.

The journey for ISVs to receive an ATO in the government sector is filled with complexities. This process requires adherence to stringent compliance standards and regulations designed to ensure the security and reliability of the software. These standards are non-negotiable and can vary greatly depending on the level of government the ISV is targeting. Navigating this landscape is no small task; it demands significant time, resources, and expertise. Even though the government sector presents a lucrative opportunity for ISVs, the high barriers to entry can make the ATO process a daunting challenge.

Accelerating Compliance Authorizations for Government Customers

To mitigate these challenges and support our ISV ecosystem, Google Public Sector and Carahsoft, a Google Cloud Distribution Partner, are launching an ATO accelerator. ISVs building on Google Cloud currently benefit from Google Cloud’s robust compliance posture as a strong foundation for their government solutions. Security and compliance are at the core of Google Cloud solutions, with our U.S. public sector authorizations including FedRAMP Moderate, FedRAMP High, FIPS-140, IL2, IL4, IL5, and CJIS.

The ATO accelerator initiative provides qualified ISVs with Google Cloud credits to build and test solutions against FedRAMP and impact level (IL) certifications. Google Public Sector will also provide resources and subject matter experts to help ISVs manage their GCP credits, and provide guidance throughout the testing and certification process. For accreditation services available to ISVs, we have partnered with Coalfire, stackArmor, and Second Front Systems offering accelerators.

By supporting our ISV partner’s journey towards achieving ATO in the government sector on Google Cloud, we are excited to quicken the time between solution innovation and compliant implementation for our joint government customers to support their missions.

For ISVs interested in learning more, please email: [email protected]

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