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Google Cloud VMware Engine supercharged with Google Cloud NetApp Volumes

What if you could use NetApp’s proven high-performance storage with Google Cloud VMware Engine? Now you can, with Google Cloud NetApp Volumes.

The combination reduces operational overhead and lowers the cost of migrating and managing VMware applications. Customers can extend their existing investments in VMware — using the same tools and processes that they already use — while benefiting from Google Cloud’s planet scale.

By combining the simplicity, performance, and advanced data management capabilities of NetApp Volumes with the reliability and operational efficiency of Google Cloud VMware Engine, organizations can achieve agility and cost savings.

Google Cloud NetApp Volumes

Google Cloud NetApp Volumes is a fully managed storage service that enables enterprises migrate and run demanding applications in the cloud without refactoring or redesigning them. Using NetApp’s industry-leading data management software and storage efficiency capabilities with the scalability and reliability of Google Cloud, organizations can unlock the full potential of their data.

NetApp Volumes is fully certified and supported as an NFS datastore for Google Cloud VMware Engine. Customers get access to VMware vSphere, vCenter, vSAN, and NSX, as well as HCX Enterprise to manage and operate their VMware environment and easily lift and shift their on-premises environment to Google Cloud.NetApp Volumes offers robust data protection features, including instant point-in-time snapshots, data replication, and disaster recovery options. These capabilities enable businesses to safeguard their critical data and applications from potential disruptions, minimize downtime, and ensure business continuity. Furthermore, the service integrates with Google Cloud’s advanced security features, including encryption, access controls, and compliance certifications, providing a secure environment for sensitive data.

Google Cloud VMware Engine

Google Cloud VMware Engine enables organizations to rapidly migrate their existing VMware workloads to the cloud. By extending their familiar VMware environment, businesses can modernize their infrastructure, enhance agility, and reduce operational complexities.

Google Cloud VMware Engine delivers a Google-managed service for running VMware workloads in Google Cloud, with unique capabilities such as 99.99% cluster-level uptime, deeply integrated networking, and a unified Google experience along with the ability to leverage Google Cloud services across AI/, ML, data analytics, security and more. VMware Engine is built on Google Cloud’s highly scalable infrastructure and VMware vSphere, vCenter, vSAN and NSX, as well as HCX Enterprise. By enabling a consistent VMware experience, the service allows customers to adopt Google Cloud rapidly, easily, and without the cost, effort, or risk of re-architecting applications or retooling operations. The service brings the best of VMware and Google Cloud together on one platform for a variety of use cases, including rapid data center exits, application migrations, disaster recovery, modernization with other Google services and more.

By leveraging Google Cloud’s global infrastructure and automation capabilities, Google Cloud VMware Engine simplifies the management and operation of VMware workloads in the cloud. Organizations can scale their infrastructure up or down based on demand, automate routine tasks, and leverage Google Cloud’s advanced monitoring and troubleshooting tools. This streamlined operational model allows businesses to focus on innovation and strategic initiatives rather than day-to-day infrastructure management.

Why use Google Cloud NetApp Volumes with Google Cloud VMware Engine?

You can use Google Cloud VMware Engine and Google Cloud NetApp Volumes to migrate enterprise applications as-is by extending your vSphere clusters. The addition of Google Cloud NetApp Volumes datastores enables customers to resize volumes without interruption, independently from compute, reducing the overall cost of VMware workloads on Google Cloud. Datastores can scale up to 25 PiB without adding additional Google Cloud VMware Engine nodes.

Data-intensive workloads compound the need for enterprise-class storage. Moving complex datasets to the cloud brings the challenge of balancing storage and compute. Some VMware workloads use more cloud storage than CPU or memory, requiring users to provision more nodes to get this additional storage. This skews overall costs and gives pause to many who are considering VM migrations to the cloud.

With Google Cloud NetApp Volumes, you can easily scale and protect your VM data while optimizing vSphere resources. The service allows independent scaling of storage and compute, reducing costs and providing true cloud flexibility.

“The addition of NetApp datastores enabled us to increase or reduce storage space, independently from compute,” said the team lead for servers and storage at a leading European retailer. “We can even access NFS datastores from our on-premises VMware vSphere, which allows the migration of VMs by Storage vMotion.”

Google Cloud NetApp Volumes is available in three service levels, Standard, Premium, and Extreme, allowing you to select the service level that best fits your needs. Optimize performance and cost by matching your Google Cloud VMware Engine workloads with a service level that provides the performance you need and easily change service levels if business requirements change.

Google Cloud manages the entire infrastructure, including networking, storage, and compute, required to run the service. Google Cloud VMware Engine was built by Google in collaboration with VMware and is fully certified by VMware. Customers can rely on the expertise and support of both Google and VMware for their deployments.

Get started

You can get your data-rich VMware workloads to the cloud without sacrificing performance, availability, or your budget — all without retraining your staff, refactoring workloads, or introducing new processes.

Contact Google Sales or Contact NetApp or schedule a 1:1 session with one of our specialists to discuss your use cases and start getting more value from Google Cloud NetApp Volumes and Google Cloud VMware Engine.

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