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Google Cloud Next for executives and IT business leaders: 5 key breakout sessions

IT business leaders have a lot on their plate: managing through financial uncertainty, competing for talent, tackling sustainability, all while continuing to innovate for the future. With Google Cloud Next starting Tuesday, here are a few breakout sessions for IT business leaders to add to your playlist:

1. GENKEY1 Opening Keynote

We will kick off the event with Google Cloud’s CEO Thoman Kurian. He will share insights on how businesses, such as Ford, are using cloud technology to build for the future and adapt to complexities, challenges, and opportunities. You will also see guest speakers, such as June Yang, VP of Cloud AI and Industry Solutions, Aparna Pappu, VP & GM or Google Workspace, and Kevin Mandia, the CEO of Mandiant, now part of Google Cloud!

2. INV101 Future-proofing collaboration strategies

What does the future of collaboration and work look like? In a panel, we talk with thought leaders from Asana, DocuSign, and OpenText, about what they are seeing as organizations work to equip their workforces with technology solutions for tomorrow’s workplace.

3. PAR77 Solving for Sustainability with Google Cloud

For many business leaders, sustainability initiatives are growing in importance and the clock is ticking. In this session, we share insights on green technologies and how enterprises are using Cloud, Data, AI/ML, IoT, big data and allied technologies to not only advance their sustainability objectives at scale but also, drive innovation. Specifically, HCL Technologies will dive into how organizations can reduce CO2 emissions, achieve net zero emission targets, reduce costs, and achieve ESG governance and reporting targets.

4. INV110 Uplevel your digital transformation with Google Cloud credentials

Ensuring you and your team are skilled up in the best practices and technologies of digital transformation is a key to success. During this session, our Google colleagues will share best practices for infusing your organization with the knowledge and skills needed to accelerate your digital transformation.

5. HIVE104 My experience as a woman in tech – The ups and the downs

As a business leader, you are managing diverse teams with wide varieties of experiences. Hear from Chenel Greco, a Developer Advocate at Google, about her story as a woman in tech. You will hear about her desire to work in the tech industry, but that the path to where she is now was winding and uncertain. She will talk about her experience and what she learned to make it easier for women coming behind her.

To explore the full catalog of breakout sessions and labs designed for executives and IT business leaders, check out the entire Innovate track in the Catalog. You can also check out my personal playlist, which includes all the sessions that are at the top of my list. Looking forward to seeing you there!  

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