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Google Cloud Next for data professionals: analytics, databases and business intelligence

Google Cloud Next kicks off tomorrow, and we’ve prepared a wealth of content — keynotes, customer panels, technical breakout sessions — designed for data professionals. If you haven’t already, now is the perfect time to register, and build out your schedule. Here’s a sampling of data-focused breakout sessions:

1. ANA204What’s next for data analysts and data scientists

Join this session to learn how Google’s Data Cloud can transform your decision making and turn data into action by operationalizing Data Analytics and AI. Google Cloud brings together Google’s most advanced Data and AI technology to help you train, deploy, and manage ML faster at scale. You will learn about the latest product innovations for BigQuery and Vertex AI to bring intelligence everywhere to analyze and activate your data. You will also hear from industry leading organizations who have realized tangible value with data analytics and AI using Google Cloud.

2. DSN100What’s next for data engineers

Organizations are facing increased pressure to deliver new, transformative user experiences in an always-on, global economy. Learn how Google’s data cloud unifies your data across analytical and transactional systems for increased agility and simplicity. You’ll also hear about the latest product innovations across Spanner, AlloyDB, Cloud SQL and BigQuery.

3. ANA101What’s new in BigQuery

In the new digital-first era, data analytics continues to be at the core of driving differentiation and innovation for businesses. In this session, you’ll learn how BigQuery is fueling transformations and helping organizations build data ecosystems. You’ll hear about the latest product announcements, upcoming innovations, and strategic roadmap.

4. ANA100What’s new in Looker and Data Studio

Business intelligence (BI) is more than dashboards and reports, and we make it easy to deliver insights to your users and customers in the places where it’ll make the most difference. In this session, we’ll discuss the future of our BI products, as well as go through recent launches and the roadmap for Looker and Google Data Studio. Hear how you can use both products — today and in the future — to get insights from your data, including self-service visualization, modeling of data, and embedded analytics.

5. ANA102So long, silos: How to simplify data analytics across cloud environments

Data often ends up in distributed environments like on-premises data centers and cloud service providers, making it incredibly difficult to get 360-degree business insights. In this session, we’ll share how organizations can get a complete view of their data across environments through a single pane of glass without building huge data pipelines. You’ll learn directly from Accenture and L’Oréal about their cross-cloud analytics journeys and how they overcame challenges like data silos and duplication.

6. ANA104How Boeing overcame their on-premises implementation challenges with data & AI

Learn how leading aerospace company Boeing transformed its data operations by migrating hundreds of applications across multiple business groups and aerospace products to Google Cloud. This session will explore the use of data analytics, AI, and machine learning to design a data operating system that addresses the complexity and challenges of traditional on-premises implementations to take advantage of the scalability and flexibility of the cloud.

7. ANA106How leading organizations are making open source their super power

Open source is no longer a separate corner of the data infrastructure. Instead, it needs to be integrated into the rest of your data platform. Join this session to learn how Walmart uses data to drive innovation and has built one of the largest hybrid clouds in the world, leveraging the best of cloud-native and open source technologies. Hear from Anil Madan, Corporate Vice President of Data Platform at Walmart, about the key principles behind their platform architecture and his advice to others looking to undertake a similar journey.

Build your data playlist today

One of the coolest things about the Next ‘22 website is the ability to create your own playlist, and share it with people. To explore the full catalog of breakout sessions and labs designed for data scientists and engineers, check out the Analyze and Design tracks in the Next ‘22 Catalog.

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