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Google Cloud joins forces with EDM Council to build a more secure and governed data cloud

Google Cloud joins the EDM Council to announce the release of the CDMC framework v1.1.1. This has been an industry wide effort which started in the summer of 2020, where leading cloud providers, data governance vendors and experts worked together to define the best practices for data management in the cloud. The CDMC Framework captures expertise from the group and defines clear criteria to manage, govern, secure and ensure privacy of data in the cloud. Google Cloud implements most of the mission critical controls and automations in Dataplex – Google Cloud’s own first party solution to organize, manage and ensure data governance for data across Google Clouds’ native data storage systems. Leveraging Dataplex, and working with the best practices in the CDMC framework, can ensure adequate control over sensitive data, and sensitive data workloads. Additionally, Google Clouds’ data services allow a high degree of configurability which, together with the integration with specialised data management software provided by our partners like Collibra, provide a rich eco-system for customers to implement solutions which adhere to the CDMC best practices.

The CDMC framework is a joint venture between hundreds of organizations across the globe, including major Cloud Service Providers, technology service organizations, privacy firms and major consultancy and advisory firms who have come together to define best practices. The framework spans governance and accountability, cataloging and classification, accessibility and usage, protection and privacy and data lifecycle management. The framework represents a milestone in adoption of industry best practices for data management and we believe that it will contribute to build trust, confidence and accountability for the adoption of cloud, particularly for sensitive data. Capitalising on this, Google Cloud is going to make publicly available Dataplex, which will implement cataloging, lifecycle management, governance and most of the other controls in the framework (others are available on a per product basis).

“Google Cloud customers, who include financial services, regulated entities, and privacy minded organizations continue to benefit from Google’s competency in handling sensitive data. The CDMC framework ensures that Google’s best practices are shared and augmented from feedback across the industry” Said Evren Eryurek, Google’s Director of Product Management at Google Cloud, a Key leader for Big Data in Google Cloud. אא

The organizing body of which Google Cloud is a member of, the EDM Council, is a global non-profit trade association, with over 250 member organizations from the US, Canada, UK, Europe, South Africa, Japan, Asia, Singapore and Australia, and over 10,000 data management professionals as members. The EDM Council provides a venue for data professionals to interact, communicate, and collaborate on the challenges and advances in data management as a critical organizational function. The Council provides research, education and exposure to how data, as an asset, is being curated today, and vision of how it must be managed in the future.

For more about DataplexFor more information about CDMC Framework, and a downloadable docFor more about the EDM Council

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