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Google Cloud and SADA are helping government elevate the citizen experience

We’ve learned many things in the last two years – including the need for greater agility when it comes to delivering critical information and government services to citizens, especially during times of crisis. Government organizations understand this need more acutely than ever and are committed to elevating customer experience (CX) for the members of the public they serve. 

President Biden issued an executive order that supports new efforts by the government to improve the quality of citizen interactions with the government. This followed hisPresidential Management Agenda “vision” document that identified CX improvements as an important administration priority. Further, state CIOs ranked digital government and services as their number two priority, behind cybersecurity and risk management, inNASCIO’s annual survey of state CIO priorities. Agency leaders are elevating citizen experience digitally, embracing cloud technology to access critical data, activate automation, and stand up new agile systems that can scale securely and flexibly as needed to meet citizen demands.  

SADA and Google Cloud work together to help public sector organizations deliver improved customer experiences, fueled by technology.  

Seattle Department of Transportation: dotMaps helps visualize success

As home to one of the largest construction zones in the country, Seattle is using technology to help residents easily get around the city without unnecessary disruption. The city is using dotMaps, a map-based coordination solution for public agencies that enables users to gain visual insight into citywide projects. Using dotMaps by SADA, developed with Google Cloud, Seattle can now manage construction projects to reduce the impact on infrastructure – and accelerate completion of those projects in a cost-effective way. The solution is improving the citizen experience by providing real-time insights into city projects impacting their mobility. Further, it’s helping commuters use various regional transportation systems efficiently, particularly during the most congested periods of the day. As important, the city has saved $21 million through better coordination on SADA’s dotMaps application, developed with Google Cloud, and is accelerating time to completion of major projects. Read the full Seattle DOT story.

Public sector organizations are eager to elevate the citizen experience. The good news is that they now have powerful tools at their fingertips to drive rapid, meaningful change. 

About SADA 

SADA is a Google Cloud premier partner holding several Google Cloud specializations, including data analytics, application development, cloud migration, infrastructure, location-based services, and work transformation that help public sector organizations accelerate their digital transformation and reduce risk along the way.

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