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Google Cloud and HashiCorp deliver a more efficient approach for Cloud Support Services

Cloud customers of all sizes require a means to reduce unplanned downtime, scale, and increase productivity while extracting the optimal value from their cloud environments. According to a leading cloud analyst, a majority of today’s businesses operate multi-cloud environments, so essential support services must also be prepared to efficiently address complex cloud environments to meet each organization’s business imperatives for sustaining a competitive advantage. 
After careful collection of customer feedback, Google Cloud and HashiCorp have engaged in a joint collaboration with a focus to develop a more effective support model for customers who subscribe to both Google Cloud and HashiCorp products. This innovative approach enables Google Cloud Premium Support customers and HashiCorp Terraform customers to benefit from a seamless support process which answers the who, where, when and how for technical issues and enables a faster route to resolution.

A robust cloud support approach

Improving customer satisfaction remains at the heart of the service challenge for technical support requirements for both organization’s customers. As a result, this proven approach was designed to deliver a simplified yet efficient cloud support experience enabling customers to access a seamless, multi-cloud support service where issues are identified, addressed and resolved. This responsive support model eliminates customer uncertainty and ensures that technical issues, no matter the origin of submission, both Google Cloud and HashiCorp support teams place each customer’s issue as a priority in their respective support queues to progress the technical case with awareness made available to both organizations till the issue has been resolved.

“Google Cloud is an important partner to HashiCorp, and our enterprise customers use HashiCorp Terraform and Google Cloud to deploy mission critical infrastructure at scale. With 70 million downloads of the Terraform Google Provider this year and growing, we’re excited to collaborate closely with Google Cloud to offer our joint customers a seamless experience which we believe will significantly enhance their experience on Google Cloud.” – Burzin Patel, HashiCorp VP, Global Partner Alliances

Managing cloud investments using multiple cloud providers and apps can require complex troubleshooting. That’s why Google Cloud, Third-Party Technology Support is included as a feature with Premium Support for Google Cloud and is focused to resolve multi-vendor issues in a seamless manner along with organization setup, configuration, and troubleshooting. HashiCorp, a Google technology partner, engages in ongoing collaborations with Google Cloud to develop and ensure infrastructure innovation in the cloud. 

Premium Support for Google Cloud customers receive technical support services that enable them to focus on their core business and include the world-class capabilities of Technical Account Management (i.e. named Technical Account Manager); Active Assist Recommendations API (i.e. generates proactive system recommendations), Operational Health Reviews (i.e. monthly system improvement reports), and Third-Party Technology Support (i.e. service that streamlines support for multi-cloud environments), while Terraform Cloud and Terraform Enterprise secure the most expedient route to resolve their technical issues (see Table 1).

Table 1: Providers and products supported

In this joint support approach, customers with Google Cloud or HashiCorp support gain the option to submit a support case with either organization. With each case submission, the customer receives the best time-to-resolution as both organizations can help resolve the case. The submitted case initiates a detailed workflow for case progression where both organizations collaborate throughout the life-of-the-case. This ensures each customer receives the right level of technical expertise throughout the entirety of the case, delivering an end-to-end, connected support experience.

When a Premium Support for Google Cloud customer chooses to contact Google Cloud Support to initiate a technical case, the Premium Support team leads the troubleshooting for the submitted issue. Should the Premium Support team determine that the issue is isolated to HashiCorp components, the customer will be instructed to open a case with HashiCorp. This is when Premium Support shares the previously collected information with the HashiCorp Support team. The Premium Support team retains the case as open until it is confirmed that HashiCorp Support has driven the case to resolution (see Figure 1). This streamlined, behind-the-scenes approach remains seamless to the customer and ensures ease of use and access to case information not otherwise made available to cloud customers. The same process remains true if or when a Google Premium Support customer initiates their technical issue with the HashiCorp Support team.

Figure 1: Collaborative cloud support model

In summary

After strategic collaboration and in direct response to customer feedback, Google Cloud Support and HashiCorp Support have developed a more efficient cloud support service model for their customers in common. This support model enables Premium Support for Google Cloud customers and Terraform support for HashiCorp customers to eliminate uncertainty for submission of technical issues and enables the reduction of the time-to-resolution. With the majority of today’s businesses having the complexity of multi-cloud environments, Google Cloud and HashiCorp jointly deliver a more simplified process for subscribed cloud customers to submit and resolve their technical issues.

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