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Get ready for 2024 with Google Cloud Security Talks

Headline-grabbing security incidents in 2023 have shown that cybersecurity continues to be challenging for organizations around the world, even those with skilled practitioners and state-of-the-art tools. To help prepare you for 2024, we are offering the final installment of this year’s Google Cloud Security Talks on Dec. 19.

Join us as our experts show you how you can meaningfully strengthen your security posture and increase your resilience against new and emerging threats with modern approaches, security best practices, generative AI and AI security frameworks, and actionable threat intelligence by your side.

Security Talks: Key takeaways

This series of digital sessions — created by security practitioners for security practitioners — will kick off with a deep dive by our Mandiant experts into the two main types of threats they saw emerge this year, how they impacted organizations, and why we think they will have lasting impact into 2024.

Here’s a peek at other sessions where you’ll walk away with a better understanding of threat actors, potential attack vectors and get fresh ideas for detecting, investigating, and responding to threats:

How Google mitigated the largest DDoS attack in history: Learn how Google was able to defend against the largest DDoS attack to date and mitigate the attack using our global load-balancing and DDoS mitigation infrastructure. Plus, discover how you can protect against DDoS attacks going into the new year with security best practices.2024 Cybersecurity Forecast: Get an inside look at the evolving cyber threat landscape, drawn from Mandiant incident response investigations and threat intelligence analysis of high-impact attacks and remediations around the globe.SAIF from Day One: Securing the world’s AI with SAIF: AI is advancing rapidly, and it is important that effective risk management strategies evolve along with it. To help achieve this evolution, Google introduced our Secure AI Framework (SAIF). Join us to learn why SAIF offers a practical approach to addressing the concerns that are top of mind for security and risk professionals like you, and how to implement it.Unlock productivity with Duet AI in Security Operations: AI is the hot topic of the year, but is there a practical application for security teams? Or is it just smoke and mirrors? If we take a step back and look at the pervasive and fundamental security challenges teams face — the exponential growth in threats, the toil it takes for security teams to achieve desired outcomes, and the chronic shortage of security talent — and ask whether AI can effectively move the needle for security teams, the answer is a resounding yes. Join us to see how Duet AI in Security Operations can help teams simplify search, transform investigation, and accelerate response.Duet AI in Google Workspace: Keeping your data private in the era of gen AI. Join this session to get answers to your questions about Duet AI in Google Workspace, learn more about the built-in privacy and security controls in Duet AI, and understand how your organization can achieve digital sovereignty with Sovereign Controls.Meet the ghost of SecOps future. Today’s security operations center (SOC) has an increasingly difficult job protecting growing and expanding organizations. The landscape is changing and the SOC needs to change with the times or risk falling behind the evolution of business, IT, and threats. Join us as we show you a vision of what the SOC will look like in the near future and how to choose the best course of action today.Securing your gen AI innovations. This session will cover the essential Google Cloud security tools crucial for safeguarding your gen AI adoption approaches. The presenters will provide a comprehensive overview of the security challenges inherent in gen AI projects from machine learning models to data processing pipelines and offer practical insights into how to mitigate the most relevant risks.Real-world security for gen AI with Security Command Center. How can you protect your gen AI workloads with strong preventative guardrails, and get near real-time alerting of drift and workload violations? Get a sneak peek of new posture management capabilities coming to Security Command Center and learn how to protect AI applications and training data using opinionated, Google Cloud-recommended controls designed specifically for gen AI workloads.

This year’s final Google Cloud Security Talks is designed to give you the assurance you need heading into 2024 that detecting, investigating, and responding to threats at scale is achievable with modern security operations approaches and actionable threat intelligence. Make sure you join us, live or on-demand.

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