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Gaia-X: Will the European data cloud fail?

The European open cloud and data infrastructure project Gaia-X, which aims to help European organizations break free of the dominant group of American and Chinese cloud vendors through an authorized set of services protected by European data laws, continues to face serious challenges and delays two years after its 2019 announcement.

The most recent progress was the establishment of the federation services. “Gaia-X is a key project for Europe’s competitiveness and digital independence,” said Thomas Jarzombek, Germany’s commissioner for the digital economy and startups, in a statement. “With the establishment of the so-called federation services, the technical heart or operating system of Gaia-X, the next milestone has been reached. The requirements have now been defined and are now being implemented in open-source code. This way, all services of Gaia-X will be connected to a transparent and open system according to European standards.”

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