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First dedicated AI management and MLOps platform on Google Cloud Marketplace

Editor’s note: has built the first ever pay-as-you-go AI management platform that simplifies the machine learning project lifecycle while offering powerful analytics capabilities. Now available exclusively on Google Cloud Marketplace, users can experiment, build, deploy, and manage AI projects in the cloud in weeks—without having extensive data science knowledge.

Similar to the momentum that cloud technology has had in the business world, AI and machine learning are quickly becoming essential to the enterprise. 86% of companies now view AI as a “mainstream technology,” and  corporate AI adoption rose 50% in 2021 from the year prior for initiatives such as service-operations optimization and product enhancement. But for companies that don’t fall into the Fortune 500, initiating AI projects can come with several challenges, ranging from one-size-fits-all subscription models to skills gaps and resource-heavy monitoring requirements.

My team of data scientists saw a real need for software that could democratize machine learning innovation by removing these common barriers. We knew that features like automation could make building and deploying AI much more doable for other data scientists, as well as citizen data scientists. So, we launched, a first-of-its-kind dedicated AI management platform built on Google Cloud and now available exclusively on Google Cloud Marketplace

As a Google Cloud Partner Advantage Member, we knew the benefits of an elastic infrastructure, full integration with BigQuery, and access to a large library of complementary tools, such as Kubeflow on Google Cloud. As a result, it’s easier for our users to improve upon their robust AI projects. 

Set up in minutes, deploy a machine learning model in weeks 

Users can start building and deploying models in immediately after subscribing through Google Cloud Marketplace. Instead of taking weeks to onboard and months to launch a real-world model into production,’s intuitive interface and powerful predictive analytics capability makes it possible to set up in minutes–and have models up and running in three to four weeks. Since we believe in cost-efficient scaling, our platform operates on a pay-as-you-go model with no long-term contracts, licensing, or per-user fees.

Simply connect with your data–whether it exists in buckets or in an SQL data source like BigQuery. No matter your data source, set up is quick. There are even tutorials to help if you’re using APIs. Follow this tutorial for step-by-step set up details in Google Cloud.

Once historical data is imported, you can start applying your own models inside, or use to build a bespoke model. There’s more good news: expenditures on’s platform are applied toward customers’ Google Cloud spend commitments. 

Full lifecycle AI project management made easy

By automating the complexity of AI project management with a no-code approach, businesses do not have to add more data scientists to their teams, risk data drift or outdated models, spend hundreds of thousands on unused software, or massively expand IT budgets. By connecting BigQuery or other datastores to, you can launch high-performing machine learning projects and manage them across the entire lifecycle. With you can:

Experiment with iteration and optimization to get an effective model into production from the start. Track performance and compare versions to identify the most reliable model. Because there is no infrastructure to manage, users can focus only on the project and see ROI sooner.

Automate training and prediction tasks to improve collaboration, reduce time-consuming manual operations, and boost results. Users can implement automation across the production pipeline with built-in features like AutoML and a scheduler for recurring tasks. Retrain automations and integrate custom code to keep processes aligned and relevant.

Deploy scalable working models securely and reliably in one-click. Tailor deployments using REST APIs or as a component to generate batch predictions. Create dashboards to share with stakeholders, and swiftly update your model without worrying about service interruptions or breakages.

Monitor infrastructure and model behavior to understand resource utilization and how data changes over time—without requiring more of IT. Put an end to endless maintenance meetings with reliable, real-time monitoring applications around drift, data in-and-out, and prediction distribution. If an issue arises, provides detailed alerts and analysis to understand the root of a problem.

Any business can benefit

Regardless of industry or department, we’ve seen help businesses solve some of their biggest challenges. Utilities companies are relying on better forecasts of the energy consumption (gas or electricity).. Transportation companies have deployed machine learning models that can inform logistical operations based on fluctuating supply and demand. Doing more with data not only improves what a business can offer their customers but can also yield significant savings. Here are a few real-life examples:

La Poste: delivery data saves the day
Global delivery company La Poste was having trouble meeting customers’ demand for speed and visibility, and inaccurate estimated arrival times for packages was costing them money. The team wanted to put its tracking and tracing data to work, and turned to to select technical metrics, set up personalized machine learning models for delivery rounds of all personnel, and speed up the iteration and training process. After deploying its model in four weeks, La Poste achieved an 89% accuracy rate for delivery times and saw a 10x improvement in IT infrastructure and operational costs. And of course, happier customers who keep coming back.

BPCE: machine learning helps us help our clients
An arm of BPCE Group, the second largest banking group in France, was feeling the effects of the pandemic’s impact on customers. It needed a more efficient way of determining who would need what type of help—and when–to reduce the number of customers entering the collections process. Using its wealth of data to create and deploy a machine learning model in, the firm was able to rapidly identify the most at-risk customers and better understand the root causes behind potential debt default—some of which are easily fixable. As a result, the firm has seen a fifteen-fold increase in the sums they have been able to recover, and decreased the number of collection cases by 50%.

Pharmaceutical company: marketing medicine with MLOps
The marketing department at a healthcare company serving pharmacies was able to reduce customer churn and improve growth by using to compute market segmentation based on anticipated customer revenue. This helped the company determine the best way to engage with each pharmacy—and when. Being able to make strategic decisions based on automated predictions and more targeted data saved the company $1.3M Euros in two fiscal quarters.

See how AI project management and MLOps made easy can transform your business. Access on Google Cloud Marketplace and take advantage of the 14-day free trial.

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