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Expanding our partnership with NetApp to make cloud migration easier

As organizations continue to evolve to meet the needs of their stakeholders, they are increasingly looking to adopt the cloud and digitally transform their business. Since our partnership with NetApp began in 2018, we’ve been focused on delivering the infrastructure, tools, and services to help customers on their cloud migration journey and benefit from their data to better serve their customers. 

“Customers are looking to adopt flexible and scalable solutions that meet the needs of their business,” said Ronen Schwartz, SVP & GM, Cloud Volumes, NetApp. “Our long-standing partnership with Google Cloud continues to deliver innovative solutions for customers as they look to migrate and run their business critical applications in the cloud while unlocking the power of their data with industry-leading cloud services.”

Innovative, industry-first solutions have become the standard for our partnership. From the general availability of NetApp Cloud Volumes Service (CVS) for Google Cloud in 2019, to our collaboration on new architectures in 2020 with the release of the software-defined CVS powered by Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE), we continue to deliver first-of-its-kind enterprise file storage services together. In 2021, the pace of innovation has only increased—together, we delivered volume replication powered by SnapMirror, which efficiently copies volume data from one Google Cloud region to another for data consistency, development, testing, or disaster recovery. 

We’ve also made our services available globally—you can now run Cloud Volumes ONTAP in all 28 Google Cloud regions, and CVS is now available in 19 regions, allowing you to access our services wherever you are around the globe. All of this is backed up by a 99.99% SLA for CVS, enabling high availability for your enterprise workloads.

Hundreds of customers including MailerLite, a leader in marketing automation, have benefitted from our joint services. MailerLite was looking to move millions of files to the cloud without disruption as they were facing availability, management, and maintenance challenges as their business scaled. By leveraging NetApp CVS on Google Cloud, MailerLite was able to migrate over 100 million files to Google Cloud in about an hour, removing their ongoing infrastructure overhead, saving developer hours, and eliminating the scalability limitations they previously experienced. 

Expanding our partnership

Last week at Google Cloud Next ‘21, we announced we are expanding our strategic partnership in two ways to make it even easier for customers to migrate and run business critical applications on Google Cloud. First, NetApp will provide storage infrastructure for the newly announced Google Distributed Cloud Hosted, where data resides in customer-owned data centers and colocation facilities. This enables a safe and secure way to modernize an on-premises deployment while still meeting data security and privacy requirements.

Additionally, for customers looking to migrate their VMware workloads to Google Cloud, we announced preview access for NetApp Cloud Volumes as datastores for Google Cloud VMware Engine. By providing customers with the choice to scale compute and storage independently, customers can now reduce costs and complexity when migrating and running storage-bound workloads. This also allows customers to address regional disaster recovery use cases, making it easier and more cost-effective to move on-premises workloads into Google Cloud. To get started, you can sign up for preview access using the Registration for Preview Access form.

Looking forward

We’re excited for what’s to come with our partnership and committed to delivering value to customers across industries. Google Cloud is a Gold sponsor at this week’s NetApp Insight, and we invite you to join our spotlight session featuring Google Cloud and NetApp leaders. Additionally, we are leading multiple breakout sessions where you will hear from our product team on how you can accelerate cloud adoption with Google Cloud and NetApp. You can also learn more and get started today by visiting our NetApp on Google Cloud website.

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