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Enterprise DevOps Guidebook – Chapter 1

The Google Cloud DORA team has been hard at work releasing our yearly Accelerate State of DevOps report. This research provides an independent view into the practices and capabilities that organizations, irrespective of their size, industry, and region, can employ to drive better performance. Year over year, the State of DevOpsreport helps organizations benchmark themselves against others in the industry as elite, high, medium, or low performers and provides recommendations for how organizations can continually improve. 

The table below highlights elite, high, medium, and low performers at a glance from the last report.

To give more prescriptive advice on how to successfully implement DORA best practices with Google Cloud, we are excited to announce the DevOps Enterprise Guidebook. The guidebook will be your resource providing a concrete action plan for implementing recommendations using Google Cloud’s DORA research to initiate performance improvements.

We will release the guidebook in chapter increments. The goal of this first chapter is to give your organization a better understanding of how to use DORA’s resources to measure your performance and to begin your first DevOps team experiment. Some resources include the DevOps Quick check, where you can measure your teams’ software delivery performance in less than a minute with just five multiple choice questions, or a more indepthcapabilities assessment, an assessment we deploy in your organization that gives us a robust measurement of your organization’s capabilities as they pertain to software delivery.

Future chapters will touch on other main topics we have identified in the State of DevOps reports such as shifting left on security, cloud adoption, and easy to use DevOps tools. We want to make it easy for your organization to get the most out of investing in DevOps and with the launch of the guidebook we believe the focused recommendations will help more organizations successfully implement DevOps practices that will lead to business and organizational success.

2022 State of DevOps Survey

For the 2022 State of DevOps report we will be focusing on a topic that has been top of mind recently: security. This year we are doing a deeper investigation into how security practices and capabilities predict overall software delivery and operations performance. 

We invite you to join the over 32,000 professionals worldwide who have participated in the DORA reports by completing our 2022 State of DevOps survey.

The survey will remain open until midnight PDT on July 22, 2022. Please help us encourage more voices by sharing this survey with your network, especially with your colleagues from underrepresented parts of our industry. We look forward to hearing from you and your teams!

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