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Enter the Hardware-verse: Google hardware comes to life at Google Cloud Next

Imagine a world where you can see some of the most powerful hardware on the planet. Now imagine a place that combines high-performance hardware and interactive experiences together, for you to see, feel, and touch?

When you come to Google Cloud Next, be sure to enter the Hardware-verse, our showcase area that brings experiences to life with the latest in Google Cloud hardware offerings, including Google Distributed Cloud (GDC), and Cloud Tensor Processing Units (TPUs). 

What’s behind the blinking lights?

The Hardware-verse showcases Google Cloud infrastructure products designed for edge, private data center, and hybrid cloud deployments. Here’s a peak at what you’ll see:

Google Distributed Cloud is a fully managed hardware and software product that delivers modern applications equipped with AI, security, and open source at the edge. Available for enterprises and the public sector, customers can leverage GDC for best-in-class AI, security, and open-source workloads with data independence and control. We’ll be using GDC to demonstrate: 

Vertex AI Vision, showing you how to easily build, deploy, and manage computer vision applications with a fully managed, end-to-end application development environment that reduces time to build computer vision applications from days to minutes at one tenth the cost of current offerings. Learn more about GDC here, and Vertex AI here.

Cloud TPUs: Google’s custom hardware lets you develop large and complex deep learning models such as large language models (LLMs). Cloud TPUs optimize performance and cost for all AI workloads, from training to inference, while providing high reliability, availability, and security. Learn more here.

NetApp: Simplify how you migrate and run enterprise workloads in the cloud with innovative data services from NetApp. Realize cloud advantages faster with integrated solutions tailored to your unique needs. Learn more about NetApp and Google Cloud here.

Intel:  See 4th Generation Intel® Xeon®  Scalable Processors power Google Distributed Cloud Hosted and 3rd Generation Intel® Xeon® Scalable Processors power Google Distributed Cloud Edge. Learn more about Intel and Google Cloud here.

Get hands-on with with real AI use cases and powerful hardware

In the Hardware-verse, you’ll see and experience first-hand how Google hardware can unlock the potential of AI and your data. You’ll see the same types of hardware that Google Cloud uses to run its applications, and experience how to leverage it in a series of expert-led demonstrations for three real-world applications:

Experience real-time visual inspection at the edge. Learn how to use Google Distributed Cloud Edge to scale quality control, inventory analysis, and staff health and hygiene with best-in-class AI, security, and open ecosystem. Add to your agenda here.

Address compliance needs with an air-gapped cloud solution. See how to leverage the best-in-class AI and analytics services in a fully disconnected environment, for highly regulated industries and use cases such as emergency preparedness, response, and recovery. Add to your agenda here.

Develop generative AI models with Cloud TPUs. Watch how Google Cloud TPUs accelerate the training and inference of machine learning models with optimized performance-to-cost efficiencies at scale. See how they operate in tandem with an open and robust software ecosystem. Add to your agenda here.

“Organizations often face challenging decisions such as data residency requirements, connectivity demands, low-latency needs, strict regulatory compliance, and massive scale compute resources for AI,” says Sally Revell, Director, Modern Infrastructure Product Marketing. “The Hardware-verse experience at Google Cloud Next 2023 is designed to give customers a unique opportunity to get hands-on with the most common use cases and see what’s under the hood of Google Distributed Cloud and Google’s Tensor Processing Units.”

See you at Next ‘23

Join the experts from Google Cloud, customers, and partners as we come together to share challenges, solutions, and game-changing technologies in San Francisco at Next ‘23 from August 29-31!

If you’re unable to attend in-person,  please get your digital pass here and view these sessions:  

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Mind the air gap: How cloud is addressing today’s sovereignty needs Session ARC100

What’s next for architects and IT professionals Spotlight SPTL202

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