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Design effective AI prompts with Microsoft Prompt Engine

The launch of Microsoft’s new AI-powered Bing shone new light on the company’s investments in OpenAI’s large language models and in generative AI, turning them into a consumer-facing service. Early experiments with the service quickly revealed details of the predefined prompts that Microsoft was using to keep the Bing chatbot focused on delivering search results.

Large language models, like OpenAI’s GPT series, are best thought of as prompt-and-response tools. You give the model a prompt and it responds with a series of words that fits both the content and the style of the prompt and, in some cases, even the mood. The models are trained using large amounts of data which is then fine-tuned for a specific task. By providing a well-designed prompt and limiting the size of the response, it’s possible to reduce the risk of the model producing grammatically correct but inherently false outputs.

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