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Cloud-based quantum computing lets startups compete with Goliaths

Back in the days when I was working with “supercomputers,” it was clear to me that these beasts capable of producing high MIPS (million instructions per second) were far too expensive for smaller businesses. Only enterprises that could foot the bill for a high-end supercomputer could benefit from its power to crunch numbers and data at a speed that would set their solutions apart in terms of innovative value they could bring to the business that could afford them. I felt this was not fair.

An entire part of the economy was locked out of the higher-end computing power that they could have used for research, development, diagnostics, artificial intelligence, and other applications with intense processing requirements that are just too much for affordable commodity hardware to handle. Indeed, this was a key barrier to entry that megacompanies relied on to protect their market position from pesky upstarts that can move much faster. 

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