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CELSA Group ensures business continuity with SAP disaster recovery migration to Google Cloud

In today’s rapidly evolving business landscape, secure and reliable disaster recovery solutions are paramount. For CELSA Group, a leader in steel and steel product manufacturing, ensuring uninterrupted access to critical systems is not just a priority — it’s a necessity. That’s why CELSA Group made a strategic decision to migrate SAP S/4HANA for disaster recovery to Google Cloud, a move that has yielded peace of mind and a robust layer of redundancy.

CELSA Group’s previous architecture could not keep pace with their security and reliability standards. Recognizing the potential risks associated with any downtime, Manuel Parra López, CTO of CELSA Group, shares, “This pivotal decision based on Google Cloud’s leadership in security and reliability marked the beginning of a trusted partnership between CELSA Group and Google Cloud.” Google Cloud allows CELSA Group to work without disruption and strengthen its overall security and resilience.

Whether planned or unplanned, the ability to seamlessly switch between the production and disaster recovery environments with virtually no data loss allows CELSA Group to continue its operations uninterrupted. Having production and disaster recovery environments hosted by two separate cloud providers adds a crucial layer of redundancy to CELSA Group’s infrastructure, ensuring near-24×7 access to critical systems. Any downtime from issues like system patching challenges or cyber threats can result in substantial financial losses and operational delays. Thanks to CELSA Group’s resilience strategy to protect against this, they can fully transition business applications in under an hour, allowing CELSA Group to spend their time where it matters.

CELSA Group’s technical strategy not only prioritizes redundancy but also delivers improved performance and security. Regularly stress tested for real-life scenarios, Celsa maintains the same level of service while improving security by going from a single cloud provider to multi-cloud model for disaster recovery and can fully restore to the secondary system in under an hour.

“Security and system performance must be optimal at all times, and this migration clearly helped us achieve higher standards in both of these areas,” says López.

The value realized from better reliability and security has been immeasurable, particularly considering cost controls and planning ensured higher costs were not incurred. The peace of mind that comes from knowing their critical systems are safeguarded against any disruptions is priceless to CELSA Group. This successful migration to Google Cloud has further deepened their commitment to the partnership.

CELSA Group’s strategic migration of its SAP disaster recovery environment to Google Cloud has proven to be a difference maker. It has not only strengthened business continuity but has also enhanced performance, security, and overall resilience. In today’s digital landscape, where downtime can paralyze operations, CELSA Group has confidently positioned themselves with a reliable and secure infrastructure with Google Cloud.

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