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Celebrating our tech and startup customers

Our tech and startup customers are disrupting industries, driving innovation and changing how people do things. We’re proud of their success and want to showcase what they’re up to! You’ll hear about their new products, their businesses reaching new milestones and their ability to get things done faster and easier using Google Cloud’s app development, data analytics and AI/ML services.

Vimeo builds a fully responsive video platform on Google Cloud
The video platform@Vimeo leverages managed database services from Google Cloud to serve up billions of views around the world each day. Read how it uses Cloud Spanner to deliver a consistent and reliable experience to its users no matter where they are.  Find out more

Nylas improved price-performance by 40%
You don’t have to choose between price-performance and x86 compatibility. Hear from David Ting, SVP of Engineering and CISO at@nylas, to learn how Google’s x86-based Tau VMs delivered 40% better price-performance than competing Arm-based VMs. Watch now.

Optimizely partners with Google Cloud on experimentation solutions 
Build the next big thing with@Optimizely Experimentation on Google Cloud – driving innovation and next-gen experimentation for enterprise companies and marketers. Check it out.

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