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Camanchaca innovates its employee experience with real-time generative agents

Camanchaca, a Chilean seafood exporter with a rich 58-year heritage, is renowned for its commitment to sustainable sourcing and exporting of salmon, jack mackerel, and shellfish. With a workforce of 3,800 employees, Camanchaca continuously cultivates a culture of innovation that touches every aspect of its business. This forward-thinking philosophy led to the recognition of the transformative potential of generative AI technologies for its operations.

Five years ago, a strategic decision was made to migrate enterprise workloads to Google Cloud, and to leverage the power of BigQuery, Looker, and Cortex Framework. This foundational digital architecture enabled Camanchaca to unleash the power of its vast enterprise data with the introduction of Elon, a groundbreaking generative AI agent designed for the enterprise.

A generative AI agent to access enterprise data

Elon revolutionizes the way employees interact with core enterprise data. With secure data access systems, the generative agent has democratized data access, making it available to every employee, regardless of technical expertise. This has empowered users to reach Camanchaca’s rich structured and unstructured data, enabling them to make informed decisions by simply asking a question. In response, Elon delivers a personalized, meaningful and concise answer. For example, when asked about the number of purchase orders or the volume of a particular SKU in the warehouse, Elon seamlessly combines information from different datasets to provide a cohesive, single-sentence response.

This modern data interaction enhances decision-making abilities without the time-consuming task of manually sifting through and assembling data. Picture the Financial Controller, once clicking through dashboards and application screens to gather purchase order and procurement information, now served with accurate and contextual insights in natural-language response.

“Creating Elon with the power of Google Cloud’s Generative AI has been a huge step in our technological innovation journey,” said Andrés Mora, Business Intelligence Lead, Camanchaca.

In eight weeks, Camanchaca developed Elon by leveraging Google Cloud’s PaLM 2 for Text model to extract information from a text file (CSV) containing production data. A web-based user interface was developed to connect the Vertex AI API the text files to the training models, and then an interface was built to be user-friendly for employees accessing Elon while on the go. The interface connects the enterprise data from BigQuery to the large language model, resulting in natural language responses following automatic response patterns. Camanchaca’s corporate devices bring Elon to life with voice-enabled commands replacing the process of manual data search with hands-free voice prompts.

This paradigm shift is bringing remarkable change at Camanchaca. Andrés Mora, Business Intelligence Lead, highlights the transformation mindset that pervades Camanchaca: “Leaders expect and demand innovation and invention from their teams and are always seeking ways to simplify. They remain informed of what’s going on around them, look for new ideas everywhere, and are not limited by a ‘we didn’t invent it here’ mindset.”

Camanchaca shares that this journey with generative AI innovations is just beginning, and the possibilities for transforming business operations, interacting with data, and serving their customers are endless. Looking ahead, Camanchaca plans to extend generative agent access to its suppliers and vendors, explore AI for predictive maintenance, and begin blending first party data with public data for increased insights with Google Cloud.

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