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Built with BigQuery: How Pendo Data Sync maximizes ROI on your data

Editor’s note: The post is part of a series showcasing partner solutions that are Built with BigQuery.

Data is paramount when making critical business decisions. Whether it’s identifying new opportunities, streamlining operations, or delivering more value to customers, leadership wants to know that they have the facts on their side when making crucial choices about the future. That means having and evaluating the right data – the data that comes from their products.

Pendo provides companies with the most effective way to infuse product data into their greater business strategy. As a company on a mission to elevate the world’s experience with software, Pendo has created Data Sync, a product that makes it easier to connect valuable behavioral insights from applications to the broader business. With Data Sync, teams have visibility into data about customer engagement and health, regardless of where it sits in an organization.

Siloed product data is wasted product data

Without the ability to incorporate product-level behavioral insights into business reporting, companies can’t understand the holistic journey of their users. Given the current macroeconomic conditions, businesses are under extra pressure to retain and grow their existing customer base, and not understanding user behavior in its full context is a clear disadvantage. 

Too often an incomplete picture of product usage is the result of compiling data together piece by piece or via an API pull, which doesn’t provide the value businesses need. This approach can distract and pull resources away from building a scalable, supported data strategy model. Without a single source of truth into product data, each team is left making crucial business decisions with only part of the picture. This results in siloed data and wasted insights that could help answer crucial questions, such as:

Are users deriving value from key product areas that align with commercial models? 

Are customer cohorts as engaged and healthy as their point of renewal approaches?

When looking to maximize the lifetime value of customer accounts, what behavior trends can inform sales strategy? 

Do customer teams have the insights they need to proactively address risk and churn?

Rich insights to answer crucial questions

There’s an alternative to this fragmented approach. With Pendo Data Sync for Google Cloud, teams can quickly make Pendo data available whenever they need it in Cloud Storage and access it in BigQuery, or any other data lake or warehouse. By connecting behavioral data from product applications (i.e., user interactions with them) with other key business data sources, Pendo enables organizations to make important decisions with confidence. 

Pendo makes it easy to:

Easily access all historical behavioral and product utilization data. Structure and take action on the valuable data across your entire data ecosystem. In Google Cloud, data teams can maximize the value of BigQuery and Looker by integrating these additional datasets to help generate business insights that were previously unavailable.

Democratize data to drive informed decision making. Instantly join product data with the full breadth of all your key business data at the depth required to support a modern data-driven organization.

Drive better resource utilization. Remove the need to manually pull siloed data sets and give your data and engineering teams back time to spend on more valuable activities.

Get maximum ROI on your product insights. Enable every department — all the way up to the C-suite — to speak the same universal language of the business.

Make faster, more confident decisions. Put product data at the center of your decision-making processes.

Democratizing data to buttress the business

Pendo data acts as our customers’ primary source of truth for the applications they build, sell, and deploy. With Data Sync, these insights are no longer confined to the product teams using Pendo directly — they become available for all. With a straightforward extract, transform, and load (ETL) process, every department and cross-functional initiative can easily access Pendo data in a centralized location. 

To date, Data Sync customers have used Pendo data for a wide variety of use cases. These include measuring the impact of product improvements on sales and renewals, identifying friction in your end-to-end user journey, and calculating a comprehensive customer health score across all data sources to shape renewal strategy. Other teams have also leveraged Pendo data to create a churn-risk model based on a foundation of product usage and sentiment signals or  identify up-sell and cross-sell opportunities to drive data-informed account growth.

Pendo Data Sync is ‘Built with BigQuery’

Building Data Sync on top of Google Cloud made the development and initial rollout of the solution very straightforward. Pendo’s engineering team was able to leverage its existing knowledge of Google Cloud products and services to build the beta version of Data Sync. This version was then rolled out to design partners using Google Cloud, helping to standardize the methods and best practices for pulling bulk Pendo data from Cloud Storage into BigQuery. Additionally, Pendo’s data science team uses BigQuery as its data warehouse solution and Looker as its primary business intelligence tool. The data team became the first “alpha” customer for Data Sync, partnering with engineering to design the product’s data structure, ETL best practices, and help documentation. 

Looking ahead, Pendo is exploring even deeper integration into Google Cloud, including data sharing directly in Analytics Hub.

Below is a diagram of the architecture Data Sync uses for its data flow:

Utilize your product data to the fullest

By partnering with Pendo, you can take maximum advantage of your product utilization data. Combining quantitative and qualitative feedback with other related data sets can give you a holistic view into user engagement and health, empowering your teams to make strategic decisions about customer retention and growth — backed by data.

To learn more about Data Sync, check out Pendo in Google Cloud Marketplace or contact your Google or Pendo sales representative.

You can also request a custom demo with a Pendo team member to learn how your business can use Pendo to increase customer engagement and health.

The ‘Built with BigQuery’ advantage for ISVs and data providers

Built with BigQuery helps companies like Pendo build innovative applications with Google Data Cloud. Participating companies can: 

Accelerate product design and architecture through access to designated experts who can provide insight into key use cases, architectural patterns, and best practices. 

Amplify success with joint marketing programs to drive awareness, generate demand, and increase adoption. 

BigQuery gives ISVs the advantage of a powerful, highly scalable unified AI lakehouse that’s integrated with Google Cloud’s open, secure, sustainable platform. To find how to harness the full potential of your data to drive innovation, learn more about Built with BigQuery

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