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Built with BigQuery: Gain instant access to comprehensive B2B data in BigQuery with ZoomInfo

Editor’s note: The post is part of a series highlighting our partners, and their solutions, that are Built with BigQuery.

To fully leverage the data that’s critical for modern businesses, it must be accurate, complete, and up to date. Since 2007, ZoomInfo has provided B2B teams with the accurate firmographic, technographic, contact, and intent data they need to hit their marketing, sales, and revenue targets. While smart-analytics teams have used ZoomInfo data sets in Google BigQuery to integrate them with other sources to deliver reliable and actionable insights powered by machine learning, Google Cloud and ZoomInfo recently have partnered to give organizations even richer data sets and more powerful analytics tools. 

Today, customers now have instant access to ZoomInfo data and intelligence directly within Google BigQuery. ZoomInfo is available as a virtual view in BigQuery, so analysts can explore the data there even before importing it. Once ZoomInfo data has been imported into BigQuery, data and operations teams will be able to use it in their workflows quickly and easily, saving their sales and marketing teams time, money, and resources. ZoomInfo data sets include: 

Contact and company. Capture essential prospect and customer data — from verified email addresses and direct-dial business phone and mobile numbers, to job responsibilities and web mentions. Get B2B company insights, including organizational charts, employee and revenue growth rates, and look-alike companies.Technographics and scoops. Uncover the technologies that prospects use — and how they use them — to inform your marketing and sales efforts. Discover trends to shape the right outreach messaging and determine a buyer’s needs before making the first touch. Buyer intent. ZoomInfo’s buyer intent engine captures real-time buying signals from companies researching relevant topics and keywords related to your business solution across the web.Website IP traffic. Enrich data around traffic from your digital properties, so your customer-facing teams can take immediate action and turn traffic into sales opportunities.

In the future, ZoomInfo data sets will be available in the Google Cloud Marketplace as well as Google Cloud Analytics Hub (now in preview) alongside popular Google and third-party data sets including Google Trends, Google Analytics, and Census Bureau data. 

The new features will help ZoomInfo and Google Cloud customers such as Wayfair Professional, one of the world’s largest home retailers. Wayfair Professional is a long-time user of ZoomInfo’s Company Data Brick, API, and enrichment services. Wayfair Professional has historically accessed ZoomInfo data through file transfer, which involved shuffling encrypted CSVs back and forth over SFTP and manual file processing to ingest it into Google BigQuery. Ryan Sigurdson, senior analytics manager at Wayfair Professional, shared that moving their monthly offline company enrichment workflow to BigQuery could save them weeks of manual work and maintenance every month. 

Built with BigQuery

ZoomInfo is one of over 700 tech companies powering their products and businesses using data cloud products from Google, such as BigQuery, Looker, Spanner, and Vertex AI. Recently at the Data Cloud Summit, Google Cloud announced Built with BigQuery, which helps ISVs like ZoomInfo get started building applications using data and machine learning products. By providing dedicated access to technology, expertise, and go to market programs, this initiative can help tech companies to accelerate, optimize, and amplify their success.

ZoomInfo’s SaaS solutions have been built on Google Cloud for years. By partnering with Google Cloud, ZoomInfo can leverage an all-in-one cloud platform to develop its data collection, data processing, data storage, and data analytics solutions. 

“Enabling customers to gain superior insights and intelligence from data is core to the ZoomInfo strategy. We are excited about the innovation Google Cloud is bringing to market and how it is creating a differentiated ecosystem that allows customers to gain insights from their data securely, at scale, and without having to move data around,” says Henry Schuck, ZoomInfo’s chief executive officer. “Working with the Built with BigQuery team enables us to rapidly gain deep insight into the opportunities available and accelerate our speed to market.”

Google Cloud provides a platform for building data-driven applications like ZoomInfo, from simplified data ingestion, processing, and storage to powerful analytics, AI/ML, and data sharing capabilities, all integrated with the open, secure, and sustainable Google Cloud platform. With a diverse partner ecosystem and support for multicloud, open source tools, and APIs, Google Cloud provides technology companies the portability and extensibility they need to avoid data lock-in. 

To learn more about ZoomInfo on Google Cloud, visit

To learn more about Built with BigQuery, visit

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