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Building and running microservices at scale: A CTO’s view

As The Innovator’s Dilemma tells us, today’s successful organizations will be increasingly challenged to adopt new processes in order to thrive. For modern organizations that rely on software development to sustain competitive advantage, this ever-present need for change requires reimagining the ways development teams work. Here at Priceline—one of the world’s most-frequented travel sites with millions of monthly visitors—that means adopting not only new and innovative technologies, but a whole new mindset around how we build and deploy services.

If we want to sustain success in a hyper-competitive marketplace, we must support a whole new set of service delivery strategies, and that requires thoughtfulness and diligence on the part of technology leadership. Our all-star team of technologists has rallied around 12-factor app development, monorepos, trunk-based development, and dependency management in an effort to lead technology evolution in the travel industry. But there’s much still to be done.

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