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Better together: Looker connector for Looker Studio now generally available

Today’s leading organizations want to ensure their business users get fast access to data with real-time governed metrics, so they can make better business decisions. Last April, we announced our unified BI experience, bringing together both self-serve and governed BI. Now, we are making our Looker connector to Looker Studio generally available, enabling you to access your Looker modeled data in your preferred environment.

Connecting people to answers quickly and accurately to empower informed decisions is a primary goal for any successful business, and more than ten million users turn to Looker each month to easily explore and visualize their data from hundreds of different data sources. Now you can join the many Google Cloud customers who have benefited from early access to this connector by connecting your data in a few steps.*

How do I turn on the integration between Looker and Looker Studio?

You can connect to any Google Cloud-hosted Looker instance immediately after your Looker admin turns on its Looker Studio integration.

Once the integration is turned on, you create a new Data Source, select the Looker connector, choose an Explore in your connected Looker instance, and start analyzing your modeled data.

You can explore your company’s modeled data in the Looker Studio report editor and share results with other users in your organization.

When can I access the Looker connector?

The Looker connector is now available for Looker Studio, and Looker Studio Pro, which includes expanded enterprise support and compliance.

Learn more about the connector here.

* A Google Cloud-hosted Looker instance with Looker 23.0 or higher is required to use the Looker connector. A Looker admin must enable the Looker Studio BI connector before users can access modeled data in Looker Studio.

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