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Become a Certified ChromeOS Administrator

We know you are hard at work as ChromeOS administrators. Across the globe, you are managing over 50 million ChromeOS devices. Many of you are managing huge fleets of devices, while others are just starting out on your ChromeOS journey. 

No matter the size or type of your organization, we’ve got your back.  A brand new range of policies and updates are being deployed to make your life easier plus we have a new way to recognize your expertise – Professional ChromeOS Administrator certification. 

Configure policies using Google Groups 

We now have over 600 policies in the Google Admin Console to help customize environments for your unique needs.

To make it easier to configure apps and extension permissions, we’ve introduced group-based policies for new and existing Google groups. Now, if you need to install an app for a specific set of users you can simply add them to a group instead of moving them into a new organizational unit. 

Here’s how it could play out: imagine people distributed across different teams, in different organizational units, who need to collaborate on the design of a new app. Instead of having to try to  shuffle everyone into a new organizational unit, now you can easily create a new group and ensure that the right people get access to the app. 

Group-based policies reduce the time and effort involved in configuring apps and extensions and help to avoid the forced install of apps to entire organizational units – saving valuable disk space and network bandwidth.

Become a certified Professional ChromeOS administrator

Like our Professional Google Workspace Administrator certification we’ve created a new certification just for you, Professional ChromeOS Administrator certification.  Certifications are great for training, career development and progression, and establish professional credibility. According to the Global Knowledge IT Skills and Salary Report, Certified IT professionals earn more than non-certified peers. 

Professional ChromeOS Administrator certification is  a great opportunity to demonstrate your skills as a ChromeOS IT admin and earn a badge that proves proficiency to peers and prospective employers. 

Designed for enterprise and education systems administrators, plus junior engineers with at least one year of holistic IT infrastructure experience, the three hour exam is composed of  approximately 50 multiple choice questions and 30 hands-on lab questions. Each section is allotted 90 minutes to complete. The exam assesses the ability to perform actions from Google Admin console, including configuring ChromeOS policies and understanding the tenets of ChromeOS.

The ChromeOS Administrator exam was a perfect opportunity to confirm my skills and knowledge. The exam was highly precise in covering the scope of activities and knowledge required to support my clients and services. I am looking forward to using this certification to reassure my clients on my capacity to deliver a secure and robust Chrome OS environment, Alan Muntadas
President of Digital Salamander, Professional ChromeOS Administrator

For the next 12 months Google is waiving the $125 fee and offering the  Professional ChromeOS Administrator certification exam for freeto all IT admins. The exam is available in English, a Japanese exam will be available  in early 2023.

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