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Be threat ready for 2023: Join us for Google Cloud Security Talks in March

At Google Cloud, our north star for security success today is to help customers apply cloud-scale, modern security everywhere they operate. As part of our mission to help customers achieve these objectives, we host a quarterly digital discussion event, Google Cloud Security Talks, where we bring together experts from the Google Cloud family and across the industry at large. We’ve designed these sessions to share insights, best practices, and ways to leverage new capabilities to help increase resilience against modern risks and threats.

The first installment of Google Cloud Security Talks 2023 on March 22 will focus on transforming security with frontline intelligence and the latest security products from Google Cloud. During these Security Talk sessions, you’ll explore the latest threat intelligence, security approaches, and Google Cloud product innovations. You’ll walk away with a better understanding of threat actors and potential attack vectors and fresh ideas for detecting, investigating, and responding to threats faster.

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We’ll kick things off with a deep dive session where I’ll chat with Google Cloud’s Jeff Reed, VP of product management about the ever-changing cybersecurity landscape, the latest trends, and how Google Cloud Security can help customers tackle these challenges in 2023. 

Here’s a quick peek at the other insightful sessions you can look forward to on our agenda: 

Frontline Threat Intel Panel: Watch our panel of threat intelligence experts discuss today’s threat landscape, trends they are seeing, and best practices for leveraging threat intelligence.

Cyber Crime Metamorphosis: Enjoy a deep dive case study with Mandiant experts as they examine how cyber criminals adapt their tactics to chaos.

Managing Open Source Software Security: Learn how to protect your software supply chain by easily incorporating the same OSS packages that Google uses in our own workflows.

What’s New with Cloud Armor: See the latest product innovations available now with Cloud Armor for DDoS protection.

Defeating Cryptomining Attacks with Native Security Controls: Learn how to detect and respond to cryptomining attacks and new security deployment options, including self-service.

State of Cloud Threat Detection & Response Survey Report: Explore the results of a recent cloud security survey to discover the main challenges and opportunities for SecOps teams as they transform to a cloud-first mindset.

Improve Decision Making with Automated Contextual Awareness: See how the Chronicle Security Operations Suite can help you automatically apply valuable context to your events and improve security decision-making.

Still need one last reason to join us? Security Talks is 100% digital and free to attend — so make sure you sign up now to grab a virtual front-row seat to learn about our latest insights and solutions. We’re looking forward to seeing you on March 22.

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