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Announcing Quick Start Widget to integrate API key generation into your onboarding

Many developers use content management systems, plugins, and other software solutions to create websites and apps. Until now, adding mapping functionality to those experiences was a disjointed process that caused many users to quit before ever adding a map to their project. Today we’re announcing Quick Start Widget to help developers make it easier for their users to get started with Google Maps Platform, generate an API key, and embed maps in their websites and apps. 

How it works for developers

Quick Start Widget allows your users to obtain an API key and start using maps in their sites and apps without ever leaving your user flow. Making sure that your users can get started with the least friction possible is critical to driving user adoption. With the new widget, users no longer need to leave your experience to secure an API key from Google. It walks your users through a series of easy steps to set up their account and a project. Then a key is automatically created and secured for them.

“Quick Start Widget makes project creation effortless, removing the confusion and time spent managing projects. Our team is currently working on a major update which prioritizes simplifying processes, and for us, Quick Start has been a great addition!” – Dylan Auty, Lead Developer and CTO, WP Google Maps 

To add the widget to your service, all you need to do is reconfigure the URL that’s used to redirect your users to generate an API key. It’s available now worldwide in 26 languages. Plus, you can use it at no charge. 

How it works for your end users

After logging in with their Google account, users are prompted to set up two-factor authentication and enter billing information, which is used to verify identity and get started with Google Maps Platform. After completing these steps, APIs are automatically enabled for them, a new project is created, and an API key is generated. The key is automatically copied to the clipboard, so all your user needs to do is paste it in the text field specified in your service. Even though billing info is required to get started, Google Maps Platform users receive a $200 recurring monthly credit for usage and are not charged until they manually upgrade to a paid account.

Quick Start Widget walks your users through a series of easy steps to set up their account and a project.

Today, one of the biggest challenges developers face when enabling usage of Google Maps Platform is helping end users understand how to obtain an API key and enable the appropriate APIs and SDKs. This can result in the need for extensive FAQs and step-by-step documentation that can also become outdated. Quick Start Widget reduces the need for this level of overhead by creating an intuitive experience for the user that can be embedded directly in your onboarding and UI.

To start using Quick Start Widget, visit our Google Maps Platform developer documentation.

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