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Amazon Omics aims to optimize biological data analysis at scale

At its annual re:Invent conference, Amazon Web Services on Tuesday launched a new service, dubbed Amazon Omics, designed to help bioinformaticians, researchers and scientists to store and analyze genomic and other biological data types to accelerate scientific advances for precision medicine.

Omics typically refers to fields of study in biology that end with the suffix “omics,” such as genomics, transcriptomics (the study of RNA in a cell), proteomics (the study of proteomes, or sets of proteins) and metabolomics (the study of molecules within cells). Omics typically involve large-scale studies with big data sets.  

The new service, according to the company, can be used by scientists to not only create a huge data store but also import large raw data files such as genome sequences or other data files used in precision medicine—a medical field that uses genome and protein data to optimize treatment for diseases.

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