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Amazon Keyspaces (for Apache Cassandra) re:Invent 2022 recap

The Amazon Keyspaces team had a great time meeting with many of you at AWS re:Invent 2022. It was particularly exciting to experience re:Invent at its peak in-person attendance. The team enjoyed listening to your feedback and use cases, and understanding what you want us to build next. We work backwards from these conversations and feedback to prioritize our roadmaps. The customer interactions are also a chance for the service teams to share what is on the roadmap (under NDA) and get customer feedback on more forward-looking features and think big ideas.

For me, the highlights of re:Invent was the great use case and migration journey presented by Intuit. Intuit talked about how they migrated a 150TB Cassandra workload to Keyspaces without any downtime and how they were able to scale their applications faster while enabling developers to be more efficient.

We hope you find these videos useful as you learn about Keyspaces and leverage the service in your applications.

How Intuit migrated Apache Cassandra workloads to Amazon Keyspaces

Intuit delivers global technology solutions and consolidates data from thousands of financial institutions to help power its products. The Intuit Data Exchange platform team wanted to simplify the management of its Apache Cassandra-based workloads to improve operational efficiency. Learn about their experience migrating more than 150 TiB of data to Amazon Keyspaces, while delivering high availability and reliability to their users, using a dual-write approach. Discover Amazon Keyspaces best practices and migration guidance.

Full session video

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Modernize apps with purpose-built databases, featuring Liberty Mutual

Modernizing your applications is more than moving them to the cloud—that is simply the first step. By moving your applications to the cloud, you gain access to the latest database technologies, allowing you to modernize your applications to better serve your customers, stakeholders, or constituents. In this session, learn how to use open-source relational databases and new technologies such as key-value, document, and graphs to enhance performance of your applications. Learn why Liberty Mutual adopted AWS services and how they will reduce future total cost of operations while positively impacting the environment by shifting to AWS’s more energy-efficient data centers.

Full session video

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Leadership Sessions: Your data: How you need it, where you need it, when you need it

Organizations at the forefront of digital transformation are using modern application architectures like microservices as adaptive mechanisms for delivering value to customers at high velocity. Data is subject to the tremendous force of data gravity, often in the form of one-size-fits-all databases that represent an obstacle rather than a conduit for agility and velocity. In this session Jeff Carter, VP of Databases and Migrations at AWS, describes how AWS purpose-built data services can overcome these challenges and shares a vision for achieving “data anti-gravity.” Hear how Disney and Intuit migrated to multiple AWS fully managed databases to build faster and scale further than previously possible.

Full session video

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Leadership Sessions: Keynote with Swami Sivasubramanian

Swami Sivasubramanian, Vice President, Data and Machine Learning, AWS, reveals the latest AWS innovations that can help you transform your company’s data into meaningful insights and actions for your business. Hear from leading AWS customers who are using data to bring new experiences to life for their customers.

Full session video

Thank you for joining us at re:Invent 2022. To learn more about Keyspaces and get started with this service, see the Keyspaces getting started guide. To ask a general question about the service, please post on our developer forum.

We look forward to seeing you at AWS re:Invent 2023!

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Meet Bhagdev is a Senior Product Manager at Amazon Web Services. Meet is passionate about all things data and spends his time working with customers to understand their requirements and building delightful experiences. Prior to his time at AWS, Meet worked on Azure databases at Microsoft.

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