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Affinity Solutions Becomes Corporate Partner

Wharton Customer Analytics


Affinity Solutions Becomes Newest Corporate Partner

Wharton Customer Analytics (WCA) welcomes Affinity Solutions, the first data-led intelligence platform with the most comprehensive repository of purchase behavior on over 100 million consumers received daily from thousands of financial institutions, as its newest corporate partner.  Affinity provides critical visibility to consumer facing businesses on how customers and prospects are behaving outside their stores and websites, a new media rating system that measures the presence of buyers for advertisers’ products and services, and the ability to measure revenue from advertising and marketing in near real time.

“WCA’s partnership with Affinity Solutions is a unique offering that we are able to bring to our corporate partners.  We are looking forward to having our students dive into their rich transactional database and find timely insights around customer behavior,” Mary Purk, Executive Director of Wharton Customer Analytics.

WCA’s renowned corporate partnership program provides Affinity Solutions the opportunity to engage with our faculty, staff, and students on business analytics problems, engaging in research and thought leadership, while training the next generation of data driven decision makers.

“Affinity Solutions is excited to partner with Wharton Customer Analytics on several valuable projects this year using our data to better understand the drivers of consumer purchase behavior, research that will be valuable for retailers and media companies,” Jonathan Silver, CEO, Affinity Solutions.

Affinity Solutions will participate in a unique research project during the fall and spring semesters, working with WCA and Penn students to discover patterns in purchase data with specific goals for future publication: customer journey mapping, improving marketing productivity, and solving key problems that retailers and other consumer businesses are facing in today’s economy.

“We are excited to have Affinity Solutions join our corporate partnership program.  We believe students will benefit from understanding how Affinity’s data intelligence platform brings together multiple data sources to better understand the consumer path to purchase,” Raghu Iyengar, Faculty Director of Wharton Customer Analytics.

About Wharton Customer Analytics

Wharton Customer Analytics (WCA) is the preeminent academic research center focusing on the development and application of business analytics methods. WCA focuses on all aspects of the customer experience. Through research and experiential learning engagements, we work with companies to transform business thinking, translate research findings, and teach students.

About Affinity Solutions

Affinity is the authoritative source of truth for news outlets, not-for-profits, research firms and businesses in the US and the only source for purchase insights that can be analyzed by demographic, geographic, lifestyle segment and political affiliation. We power consumer engagement predicated on actual purchase behavior and consumer signals to help marketers evolve from campaigns to moments-based journeys. We transform data insights into experiences that improve people’s lives.

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