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Advanced data transformations with SQL, Python, and Javascript

Transforming data is an essential part of your integration and automation project. Workato provides a rich set of formulas, regular expressions, lookup tables and in-memory databases for transforming data.

Occasionally, you need to step outside of the tools available in Workato and bring in other languages/tools of choice, such as Ruby, AWS Lambda, JavaScript, Python, SQL or others to create custom transformations.

The ability to create custom transformations using a scripting language gives you the freedom to extend the platform to fit your unique needs.

Join this Product Hour to learn how you can use a combination of built-in and extensible transformations to normalize and cleanse data; parse unstructured data and create structured output; join, merge and aggregate data from multiple sources, and more.

What will you learn? 

Data cleansing, validation, and enrichment
Merging and joining data from multiple sources
SQL transformations for high volume operations
Pushdown SQL transformations for ELT
Custom transformations with Python, Javascript

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